Food for your bones

According to nutritionists, eating foods that are good for bones and joints will help fight inflammation and improve your physical performance. To choose good foods for bones and joints, you need to have a scientific and appropriate diet. Here are a few tips to improve joint health

1/ Good food for bones and joints

To maintain bone and joint activity, we need to combine diet and exercise. Here are some foods that are good for the elderly in particular and joints in general:
Cherries Red peppers Canned salmon Oatmeal Turmeric Walnuts Kale In addition to the above foods you need to find Learn more about some of the nutritional groups that support bone health.

2/ Notes on nutritional sources to improve bone and joint health

Degenerative or inflammatory arthritis tends to develop with age. Therefore, providing nutrition to prevent this bad sign is the first thing we need to pay attention to. Here are the nutritional groups that need to be supplemented and foods that are good for bones and joints by group
Fish oil and omega 3 Arthritis occurs when the body's immune system reacts to certain diseases, leading to damage or irritation. The most common symptoms of arthritis are redness and pain. To reduce pain and swelling, you can choose natural eating methods.
In some groups of fatty fish rich in omega 3 limit the ability of the 2 proteins CRP and interleukin-6 to reduce inflammation. According to analysis, subjects with high CRP will often have pain and redness. Omega 3 can interfere with the treatment of inflammation on certain body cells. At the same time with anti-inflammatory ability, this fat will minimize damage caused by inflammation.
In many studies, it has been shown that the oil has the function of protecting joints from causing cartilage damage and reducing pain when inflamed. A serving of 30-60g/time and 4 times/week will be enough to reduce inflammation and protect heart health. To get this nutrient source you should use salmon, tuna, sardines or mackerel. Or you can use fish oil products, but this is not recommended because it has not been fully proven to work.
dầu cá và omega 3
Dầu cá và omega 3 giúp bảo vệ xương khớp và giảm sưng đau do viêm hiệu quả

Fiber High cholesterol is thought to be one of the causes of arthritis. According to recommendations from nutrition organizations, fiber can limit the increase of bad cholesterol and purify the body, which is good for the liver and many other organs. At the same time, the diet menu also focuses on this group of nutrients because they create a feeling of fullness for a long time.
Antioxidants Antioxidants, in addition to preventing cancer-causing free radicals, can also fight inflammation and support the immune system. Berries like blueberries and raspberries are said to be antioxidant-rich foods. Therefore, this is also a good food for the elderly. In addition, you can also eat strawberries, grapes, and soy products.
Healthy fats Avocados not only keep us full for a long time, but also contain a source of healthy fats that are good for the body. At the same time, you also get extra vitamin E to help nourish the skin and fight inflammation effectively. This diet should be established early in the early stages to prevent inflammation from developing and causing severe damage to the joints.
Vitamins A and K When energy is produced, the body will appear free radicals that are harmful to health. They are the cause of cancer that even attacks the joints. To minimize blocking you need to supplement vitamin A, K to be provided with antioxidants to prevent the ravages of free radicals. At the same time, they provide calcium to protect cells from free radicals and strengthen bones.
Sulforaphane and glucosinate Sulforaphane and glucosinate are substances that can slow down the inflammatory process and minimize cartilage damage when suffering from arthritis. You can find sulforaphane in cruciferous vegetables. As for glucosinate, it often appears in plant groups with pungent odors such as cabbage, mustard...
Vitamin C Vitamin C group of foods rich in vitamins, in addition to enhancing resistance, also supports the body to better absorb nutrients. Thus, the bones are protected and the cartilage cells are protected from harm. Now scientists have come up with negative evidence that citrus fruits are the cause of inflammation. However, grapefruit is not all good. You need to pay attention if you are using drugs that interact with grapefruit.
Sterols and stanols Some foods that increase sterols and stanols come from plants. Their role is to stabilize a reasonable cholesterol index for the body. You can find this substance in yogurt.
Calcium and vitamin D Skim or low-fat milk and dairy products are good sources of calcium and vitamin D for bones. If you want to know what foods to eat are good for your joints, take a vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D through milk or sunlight will help limit arthritis for you. Moreover, doctors think that vitamin D deficiency is one of the important causes of arthritis.
Some supportive products Sometimes you don't receive nutrition with foods that are good for bones and joints, then try some products. support products. The nutrients are extracted and increased to the highest absorption capacity for the body. However, which supplements to take and how much depends on yourself.. So consult your doctor if you need to supplement.
thực phẩm hỗ trợ xương khớp
Có thể bổ sung dinh dưỡng tốt cho xương khớp từ thực phẩm hoặc các sản phẩm chức năng

3/ Food should be limited

In addition to foods that are good for bones and joints, the elderly should pay attention to avoid some of the following foods to prevent inflammation from developing:
Sugar Sugar makes weight easy to gain quickly, causing the release of free radicals even faster. So you should limit refined foods high in carbs like white bread.
Salt Salt has a high ability to absorb water, increasing the risk of arthritis due to dry joints. When joint fluid is not enough to ensure friction, it will cause severe pain and swelling problems
Saturated fats Saturated fats as well as sugars cause overweight and obesity not only cause arthritis but also muscle damage. can get into trouble
MSG MSG is a food additive that helps the taste buds to feel better. However, sweeteners are not friendly to our joints.
Alcoholic beverages and stimulants Group of alcoholic beverages and stimulants often bring bad effects to human health. Stimulants can provide immediate pain relief, but in the long term using them will make the problem worse.
Omega 6 fatty acids Together with the group of saturated fats, omega 3 limits arthritis and omega 6 increases the likelihood of leading to arthritis. Therefore, you should avoid cooking oils from corn or sunflower.
There are some foods that seem to be harmless and at the same time do not help with arthritis treatment that we still think. Maybe in some people they indirectly affect but according to scientific evidence, gelatin, pectin, apple cider vinegar, alkali... do not create a clear response to the treatment of arthritis.
In addition to learning what foods are good for bones and joints, you should have a suitable exercise regimen. Some studies have shown that exercise and a combination of nutrition will improve the overall health of the body to avoid any bad risks, especially in old age.

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