How does vaginal depth affect fertility?

Currently, many people are still afraid to learn about the structure of the vagina, which inadvertently makes the knowledge about the vagina incomplete and can lead to erroneous beliefs. Besides, the characteristics of the vagina also contribute to the conception process, so what are the characteristics of the vagina to know?

1. What is the structure of the vagina like?

The vagina is a muscular tissue and tube of the female genitalia, made up of muscles and begins to lead from the cervix to the outside of the female body. The hymen is a thin membrane that covers the outside of the vaginal opening, and the inner end is the area of ​​​​the cervix that is connected to the vagina. Basically, the vagina is composed of 3 layers:
The vaginal wall is the first layer of smooth, mesh, including the mucosa and biomechanical tissues containing many nerves. The second layer consists of the endothelial circular muscle layer. weak and a longitudinal muscular layer on the outside. This muscle layer system is often active during sexual activity or childbirth. The third layer is composed of an outer layer of connective tissue combined with tissues containing weak connective blood vessels, nerves. nerves and lymphatic vessels. In short, the vagina is an important organ, helping a woman to have sex with her partner and perform her reproductive function. This is also where menstruation flows out every month according to the menstrual cycle.

2. Vaginal changes with age

Over time the vagina will not change in appearance, nor do studies show an age-related change in vaginal depth. However, labia majora can shrink over time as the amount of estrogen in the body decreases with age, which can lead to a loss of fat and collagen. Genitals can also change color, becoming lighter or darker due to hormonal changes over time.
Some women report that their vagina feels changed after childbirth because the tissues in the vagina stretch to perform the delivery. However, the study found no difference in vaginal length between women who had given birth and those who had not. Kegel exercises that involve squeezing and releasing the muscles used to control urination can help strengthen the pelvic floor and eliminate postpartum discomfort.

3. How does vaginal size affect fertility?

There is practically no standard size or shape for a woman's vagina, there will be differences in both the reproductive age of each woman or factors such as age, height also significantly influence. about the size of the vagina. In the normal state, the length of a woman's vagina is about 7-8cm, but if stimulated, it can be up to 11cm deep. For women who have not had sex, the vagina is usually less than 1.5cm, but during childbirth, the vagina can dilate up to 10cm. Vaginal depth and cervical length are also more or less related to a woman's fertility and fertility. When the cervix is ​​short, it is easy to dilate and there are few protective mechanisms for the fetus and pregnant woman, increasing the risk of miscarriage, preterm labor is also a risk factor that increases the rate of stillbirth, low birth weight, and low birth weight. brain bleeding.
Vaginal depth can also affect sexual pleasure because the size of a woman's private area is too short or too tight. Women may also experience altered pleasure after childbirth because of weakness in the pelvic muscles or injury during childbirth.
In addition, the vagina has many functions related to reproductive and physiological activities of women such as:
Release of menstrual period periodically according to the menstrual cycle in women. Highly elastic and stretchy helps to support a woman in receiving the penis, natural fertilization, pregnancy and childbirth. During sexual activity, the moisture of the vagina is increased when stimulated, the mucosal wall will secrete a natural lubricant to lubricate, reduce friction and allow the penis to penetrate easily inside. This mucus also has the ability to clean the vagina, prevent bacteria from entering causing inflammation, ensuring the vagina is clean.

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