What should pregnant women eat to gain weight fast?

During pregnancy, all mothers want their children to grow and develop comprehensively. Each stage of pregnancy, pregnant women need different nutritional supplements for both mother and baby. However, due to an unreasonable diet, the mother will gain weight, but the baby's weight will not change. So what should pregnant women eat to gain weight fast?

1. What should pregnant women eat to gain weight quickly?

Each stage of pregnancy, pregnant women need different nutritional supplements for both mother and baby. There are a lot of people who have the concept that eating for both of them and not caring about the weight. Therefore, although pregnant women gain weight, the fetus does not gain weight. However, mothers need to understand that the weight of the fetus will depend a lot on the quality of the mother's meal.
Pregnant women do not need to eat much because the average pregnant woman only needs about 300 calories per day compared to before pregnancy. Besides, it is necessary to ensure adequate supply of necessary nutrients for the fetus's body to develop. Pregnant women eating science will help both mother and baby gain weight properly according to each stage of pregnancy.
What do pregnant women eat to enter the baby? Nutrition for pregnant mothers includes:
Prioritize protein group: supplement with meat, eggs, fish, shrimp, beans, crab,... A high-protein diet will help the fetus develop well the muscle system. and blood cells without making you fat or gain excessive weight. However, pregnant women only need to eat enough according to their needs, if eating too much protein will hinder the body's ability to absorb calcium. Eat enough starch: starch includes noodles, corn, rice, potatoes, .. a lot of pregnant women have the wrong view that when pregnant, you must eat a lot of rice for a healthy baby. However, in fact, this way only makes pregnant women gain weight quickly. Every day pregnant women only need to eat 2-3 cups of rice and try to eat before 8 pm. For breakfast, pregnant women can replace rice with bread and skim milk. Add more grains: Compared to white rice, whole grains are a rich source of energy and also add important fiber, vitamins and minerals. The high fiber content in whole-grain foods will help relieve constipation in pregnant women. Pregnant women can replace some of the starches with brown rice or cereals or use them as a snack or snack instead of cakes. Replacing pregnant milk with skim-free fresh milk: although there are no specific studies, pregnant women who have been pregnant and have given birth have commented that drinking pregnant milk will make mothers very fat because of its high sugar content. Sweetened milks can also cause indigestion, morning sickness or diarrhea if the body does not have enough lactase enzyme to digest the sugar in milk. Instead, pregnant women should replace milk with skim milk without sugar and add cheese and yogurt. Watch now: Scientific nutrition for 40 weeks of pregnancy
Bà bầu ăn gì để con tăng cân nhanh?
bà bầu ăn gì để con tăng cân nhanh cần có chế độ dinh dưỡng khoa học

2. Essential nutrients for pregnant women

In addition to choosing foods for pregnant women to gain weight quickly, it is necessary to pay attention to fully supplementing essential micronutrients such as:
vitamins of groups A, B, C, D, E, K: can be supplemented through natural foods every day. Calcium: often found in eggs, milk, yogurt and whey,... Folic acid: plays a very important role in the development of the nervous system of the fetus. Folic acid is often found in animal liver and dark green leafy vegetables such as beans, cauliflower, ... Omega-3: found in olive oil and fish fat or cooking oil,... Protein: Commonly found in foods like chicken, fish, meat and eggs, beans help build muscle, blood, and bones. Iron: very important for hematopoiesis and oxygen transport. Especially during pregnancy, pregnant women often need to take iron supplements. Foods that contain a lot of iron such as chicken liver, pork liver, egg yolk, beef, chicken thighs, ... and natural vegetables such as beans, ... Zinc: is abundant in seafood, fish, dairy and poultry. Zinc is an essential element for the development of the baby, helping to ensure the size of the baby's head circumference and weight. In addition, zinc also plays a certain role in the development of children before and after birth. Iodine: it is necessary to supplement with iodine to complete the brain development of the fetus.

3. Things to keep in mind about pregnancy weight

At the beginning of pregnancy, the mother's body will begin to have certain changes according to the growth of the fetus, the most obvious manifestation is the mother's weight gain. Normally, pregnant women should only gain 10-15kg during 40 weeks of pregnancy. In the case of twins, triplets or other pregnancy complications, the increase may be even greater. Some issues that pregnant women need to pay attention to include:
From the 4th month of pregnancy, each month pregnant women should only gain in the range of 1.5-2kg per month. In addition to eating scientifically, pregnant women need to check their weight regularly. Too much or too little weight gain affects the health of both mother and baby. Excessive weight gain will lead to the mother's risk of gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and increase the risk of premature birth, a high rate of cesarean section. Therefore, pregnant women need to have a scientific diet to control weight according to each stage of pregnancy. If you gain too little weight, it will cause fetal growth retardation and malnutrition, increasing the rate of premature birth.
bà bầu ăn uống khoa học
Bà bầu ăn uống khoa học sẽ có mức tăng cân nặng hợp lý

In short, during pregnancy, the mother's body will begin to have certain changes according to the growth of the fetus, the most obvious manifestation of which is the mother's weight gain. Therefore, pregnant women need to have a reasonable diet so that their children gain weight quickly and pregnant women have a moderate weight gain in each stage. Pregnant women can go to medical facilities for examination and advice on appropriate nutrition.
The period of October 9 of pregnancy brings both difficulties and happiness to the mother. Therefore, mothers need to be taken care of both physically and mentally. Currently, at the International General Hospital, there is a package maternity service, when choosing a package maternity service, pregnant women will be monitored and examined periodically with leading specialists. Doctors will monitor and detect fetal abnormalities early, this is the great strength of Vinmec, which has carried out screening to detect fetal malformations very early and performed cytology intervention. Pregnancy offers many couples the opportunity to have a healthy baby. In addition, doctors will also examine and advise on the prevention and treatment of some common diseases during pregnancy such as insomnia, gestational diabetes, urinary tract infections, etc. maternal health before and after birth.

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