Why is it necessary to re-examine after curettage?

The article was professionally consulted by Dr. Nguyen Anh Tu - Doctor of Obstetric Ultrasound - Prenatal Diagnosis - Obstetrics Department - Vinmec Hai Phong International General Hospital.
Abortion, abortion are invasive procedures in obstetrics, although the current method of abortion has many improvements, it is still inevitable that complications may be encountered after implementation. Therefore, post-abortion follow-up is extremely important.

1. Current methods of curettage and aspiration

There are many different reasons why a woman has to make the decision to abort a pregnancy such as unwanted pregnancy, malformation, poor reproductive health, ectopic pregnancy,...
Methods of curettage, suction Current pregnancy includes:
Medical abortion: is a method to help end a pregnancy with the use of drugs. This is a minimally invasive method, however, if this method fails, a surgical abortion is required. The use of abortion pills should be consulted by a specialist, if self-medication can cause serious consequences, even life-threatening. Surgical abortion: this is a method that uses procedures to put an instrument through the cervix to end a pregnancy, including vacuum aspiration and dilation.
Nạo thai
Phá thai ngoại khoa

2. Possible complications after abortion

After a safe abortion, most patients have no effect on their reproductive health, but a small percentage have serious complications.
The typical complications of surgical abortion include: blood stasis in the uterine cavity; infection due to the fact that when performing the procedure, even though the instruments are sterilized and carefully performed, the bleeding process still allows bacteria to enter; cervical laceration, uterine perforation due to puncture or tear; pregnant; placental remnants; Hemorrhage due to improper curettage and suction surgery can cause the cervix to tear, perforate, and rupture the uterus. Anesthesia reaction is also one of the common complications because in large scale abortions and abortions, the patient is anesthetized by local anesthetics and anesthetics, so there is a risk of drug reactions, affecting the nerves. shocking or even life-threatening.
Băng huyết
Băng huyết có thể xảy ra sau khi phá thai

The typical complications of medical abortion: failure of the abortion pill, so still have to re-absorb the uterus; If an infection is suspected, immediate re-examination, if confirmed to be an infection, antibiotics and hysterectomy should be given, hospitalization if necessary, in addition, if the miscarriage is incomplete, it is also mandatory to have the hysterectomy again. also avoid bleeding and infection; haemorrhage ; uterine infection.
After an abortion, a woman has psychological and hormonal changes. Choosing to have an abortion is a very difficult decision, so although the most common emotion after completing an abortion is relief, there can also be feelings of loss or sadness.

3. Re-examination after abortion

Post-abortion follow-up is extremely important, even if you have had a safe abortion and have no problems after the procedure, you are still at risk of complications seriously affect health and reproductive function in the future.
Re-examination after abortion is required to make sure that the uterine cavity is completely clean. Through clinical examination, combined with ultrasound and clinical symptoms such as severe abdominal pain or heavy bleeding... can help diagnose placental or missed pregnancy or not. In some cases, the fetus and placenta have been removed, but there is still blood stasis and fluid in the uterus, so ultrasound can help detect this abnormality. These cases may be indicated for medical treatment and monitoring, even surgical intervention when the volume of fluid is large, does not decrease after the follow-up period.
Khám phụ khoa
Tái khám sau nạo hút thai là bắt buộc
Normally, the uterine cavity is absolutely sterile. After an abortion procedure, even if the manipulations are done carefully, the bleeding process can still allow bacteria to enter and cause an infection of the uterine lining. If the gestational age is older, there is an accompanying genital infection, the higher the likelihood of complications.

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