Children eat healthy and delicious thanks to biological micro-mineral nuggets

Zinc is an essential micronutrient that plays an important role in health. Zinc participates in the activity of enzymes, cell division and body development, participates in immune function, regulates taste and appetite. However, up to 70% of Vietnamese children under 5 years old are deficient in zinc because their diets do not provide the necessary amount of zinc for the body. Zinc deficiency has been shown to impede mental and physical development in children, reduce immune response, increase risk of infections, delay signs of puberty, and decrease height. growth, poor appetite.

1. The important role of zinc in the development of children

To supplement enough nutrition, specifically enough zinc to prevent anorexia, slow growth, slow weight gain in children, many parents have chosen bio-mineral nuggets as a positive solution.
Although it is not a drug, Biomineral Nuggets are safe micronutrient supplements - licensed from the Food Safety Authority. Products using MNY technology - Canada's micromineral enrichment technology on yeast have been applied in many countries. Experts say that LaminKid I is a product that comprehensively meets the needs of reducing anorexia, weight loss, or minor illness as well as supplementing with zinc and other necessary micronutrients for children. Important for children's ability to digest and absorb food because:
Zinc participates in the structure of taste buds, helping babies perceive the taste of food. Zinc is an important component in digestive enzymes with the role of structure, catalyst, and regulation of digestive enzymes. Zinc also stimulates the release of hormones that regulate appetite. Because significant amounts of zinc are secreted through biliary and intestinal secretions, gastrointestinal zinc loss accounts for about half of the zinc excreted from the body. Other routes of zinc excretion include urinary, faecal, and superficial loss (shedding skin, hair, sweat). Moreover, zinc is eliminated quickly and the body is less able to store zinc, the body must be supplemented daily to balance the lost zinc, so zinc is easy to be deficient if the diet provides. insufficient.
Cốm vi khoáng sinh học Laminkid I giúp cải thiện tình trạng biếng ăn ở trẻ
Cốm sinh học giữ vai trò rất lớn trong sự phát triển của trẻ

2. Laminkid I product helps to supplement zinc and micronutrients lacking in children

Thanks to the biological zinc component, Laminkid I helps the absorption of zinc into the blood increase up to 3.7 times compared to synthetic zinc Gluconate. Supplementing with biological zinc thereby helps to optimize the amount of zinc taken into the body. Moreover, this is the most natural, safe and benign source of zinc on the market today. In addition, zinc also plays an important role in maintaining the secretion of enzymes on the digestive tract, thereby increasing the ability to digest food. Along with trace minerals such as copper, aluminum, manganese, magnesium, calcium, ... zinc also plays an important part in the body's process of synthesizing the right enzymes to meet essential needs. Along with that, thanks to the effect of balancing the intestinal microflora from prebiotics, Laminkid I biological micro-mineral nuggets help children's digestive system work better, stimulate hunger and appetite in children.
With bio-zinc ingredients, Laminkid I bio-mineral nuggets ensures that children are not deficient in zinc during development.
Zinc helps maintain the effective functioning of the immune system in the body. Therefore, zinc is necessary for the body's defense barrier against infectious agents, helping wounds heal faster.
Selenium, vitamin C, and B vitamins also play an important role in the child's immune system. With a synergistic mechanism of action with Immunecanmix, Laminkid I nuggets help children strengthen their immunity strongly and achieve the most optimal effect.
Moreover, the body excretes zinc quite quickly and has little ability to store it, which is why the body needs a daily zinc supplement. To ensure the effectiveness of the product and prevent the risk of repeating anorexia, slow weight, or minor illness... LaminKid needs to be supplemented with a full course of 2-4 months.
Currently, there are many micro-component products with zinc and micronutrients for babies, but only Laminkid I product has biological zinc composition and many other advantages.
The comprehensive effects of Laminkid I products include:
Delicious and convenient According to statistics, Lamind kid I is loved by most children right from the first use. Imported materials, absolutely safe The product is manufactured with natural ingredients, no side effects, no water retention, absolutely safe for children. MNY technology from Canada is also the first technology applied in Vietnam, this is a technology that has been widely applied in 45 countries around the world, manufactured in a GMP factory, helping parents Safe to use for babies. Please regularly visit the website and update useful information to take care of your baby and family.

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