Safety note when spraying baby's throat

Cough-reducing throat sprays are noticed by many people, especially during the changing seasons of the year. Throat sprays for children are also available in drugstores and are easy to buy. But should you use a throat spray for a 1-year-old baby? How to make sure it's safe to use a throat spray?

1. The main use of a cough suppressant spray bottle

Throat spray is a medicine that can act directly on inflamed areas in the throat. Most throat sprays are made from herbs to ensure maximum safety for users. In it, most of the ingredients have the ability to treat sore throat problems caused by fungi and bacteria.
Throat spray can kill bacteria and fungi in the nasopharynx without causing burning pain. After spraying, the pain is also soothed by active ingredients that can soothe and create a pleasant feeling for the user.
Dental problems especially bad breath are caused by gingivitis and the presence of bacteria. Antibacterial throat spray relieves pain to keep the oral cavity smelling pleasant. In addition to killing bacteria in the oropharynx, throat sprays also affect bacteria in the upper respiratory tract.
Upper respiratory tract infections are quite common in young children. When inflammation, if not treated early, can lead to allergic rhinitis, rhinitis leading to sinusitis, runny nose, tonsillitis, laryngitis, bronchitis and pharyngitis.

2. Note when using throat spray

Throat spray is quite convenient to use, unlike oral or tablet form. That's why many people abuse throat sprays. There are many cases of patients with allergic reactions or drug reactions causing serious danger. Throat sprays should be purchased with a prescription from a doctor or in consultation with a pharmacist to ensure both quality and the right type for the user. In addition, it is necessary to examine the doctor to give the most accurate treatment dose.

3. How to use children's throat spray safely?

Use of throat spray on infants is very rare. Because the first time the baby has a fever is due to teething and at 6 months. Therefore, babies will receive special care to minimize the risk of pharyngitis in the first 2 years of life. After 1 year of age, a child's risk of pharyngitis may increase if they start school.
Children 1 year old will have age-specific throat sprays. Baby throat sprays have natural herbs as the main ingredient. The degree of benignity of the drug needs to be higher in adults.
When using throat spray for children, it is necessary to consult a doctor to avoid side effects. In addition, the choice of throat spray should be based on the symptoms of the disease in children. Children with sore throat at a very young age are often difficult to take medicine, so the doctor will consider using a throat spray. Most of the medicinal properties of children's throat sprays are not strong, so they temporarily relieve pain, but do not completely eliminate the cause of the disease.
Young children have the characteristic of being fussy, which makes sore throat problems worse and takes longer to heal. Screaming babies will lead to sore throat and redness, which can be accompanied by a high fever, which is dangerous to health in the future. When your baby has a sore throat due to an infection of the lower respiratory tract, do not use a throat spray, because it will not work as you need.
Children should only use the throat spray for 5 days. Then the baby does not get better, you need to bring your child to the doctor to check and change the treatment plan better. In addition, the antibiotics that can be used should also be prescribed by the doctor. Avoid adults buying medicine for children to use, making the situation more dangerous.
Cough-reducing throat spray is an item for people who have a long-term cough. However, young children and pregnant or lactating women need to be very careful with these drugs. Especially babies under 1 year old do not use unless prescribed and under the supervision of a doctor.

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