The actions of parents can turn children into "soulless hustlers"

(Emdep.vn) - Studying pressure, anxiety about choosing schools, choosing classes, grades... have caused psychological disorders in students to increase to an alarming level.
To better understand the causes and treatment of this syndrome, the reporter had an interview with Master, Doctor Quach Thuy Minh, Center for Autism - Diseases, Vinmec International General Hospital (Ha Noi). Interior).
Don't turn your children into lifeless jerks
Doctor What is psychosis?
Psychotic syndrome is when we fail to regulate our thoughts, moods, emotions and behaviors. This syndrome, if prolonged and repeated, will cause 2 states. Psychological disorders at a mild level are anxiety, boredom, fatigue, trouble sleeping, anorexia, lack of communication, etc. At severe levels are uncontrollable emotional behavioral disorders such as withdrawing from people, depression, severe anxiety, vandalism, game addiction, self-injury... even thinking about suicide.

"Parents also need to self-adjust to relieve pressure on themselves, should not expect too much, force their children to study too hard", said doctor Thuy Minh.

Psychological disorders in high school students are now on the rise in big cities, so what is the cause of this problem?
Every year after each exam, our hospital also accepts some students for psychological examination and counseling. The current psychological disorder syndrome in big cities tends to increase due to academic pressure, competition between students, exams, school selection, and family expectations. Students also abuse technology excessively, with little extra-curricular activities.
Part of the reason also comes from the school's lack of orientation and advice for students to choose the right school for their learning. When children fail the test, they are often disappointed or even desperate.
Are parents one of the causes for the increase in psychological disorders in students?
I have been in contact with many cases of students with psychological disorders stemming from their parents' too high expectations. Many parents believe that if their children study a lot, review a lot, choose classes, and get good grades, they will study well and become talented. They also put on their children's big dreams and expectations to become a good and successful person according to their parents' wishes.
Especially, many highly educated parents in society also always tell their children to be smarter than others, and then ask them to attend this class, that school, that center... the child is already good, then he has to be better... So inadvertently, parents have turned their children into soulless hustlers with no dreams and ambitions, only mechanically following what their parents arranged. The fact that parents pay little attention to their children's dreams and understand their hearts, makes them easy to fall into psychological disorders.
Children easily develop suicidal thoughts
Why do many studies and stress cause psychological disorders?
Humans usually have 2 basic activities: intellectual activity and physical activity. There needs to be a balance between mental labor and manual labor for people to feel comfortable and healthy. When children learn too much and no longer have time to play, social activities will lead to loss of balance, causing stagnation. Studying too much also affects living, sleeping, eating irregularly. The imbalance in activities for a long time easily makes students vulnerable to physical weakness and nervous breakdown.
If these nervous stresses are prolonged, the body is often in a state of fatigue, reduced resistance, reduced endurance and difficulty in regulating emotions.
What are the early signs of psychosis, doctor?
Signs of psychotic syndrome often start out unclear, so it is difficult for the family to notice. Signs when children have psychological disorders also show different.
Children's emotions expressed outwardly are often taciturn, quiet, do not share with their loved ones or get angry easily. Worrying about whether or not you will pass the exam or tired of studying pressure or worrying about bad results...
Behavior has two extremes, the first is that children who often argue are always right. The second extreme is reflected in the passive withdrawal of children. Children often do less housework, are lazy to clean their bodies, are afraid to do sports, are afraid to go out with friends, and their routines are reversed.
What are the serious consequences if psychological disorders are not detected and treated in time?
The heaviest consequence of psychosis syndrome is depression, frustration, and suicidal ideation. In many cases, parents do not expect their children to have such harmful behaviors. In addition, there are anxiety disorders: nervousness, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, headache, abdominal pain, dizziness, etc., when examined, no pathology was found in the body.
In the process of children being treated for psychological disorders, what should parents do?
Parents also need to self-regulate to relieve pressure on themselves, should not expect too much, force their children to study too hard. Many parents are disillusioned when their children are not really as good as expected. When parents understand the problem and share it with their children, they will be able to get rid of the obsession with studying and gradually get rid of the symptoms of psychological disorders. In addition, parents need to coordinate with the school and their children's friends to help their children solve problems in their hearts, encourage children to participate in more physical and movement activities...
When parents look When I realize I have a problem, what should I do to help?
When knowing that their children have signs of psychological disorders, parents need to calm down and understand the problems their children face to promptly take them to the doctor and consult. At this stage, the family plays a very important role in early detection and cooperation with doctors to help children overcome difficulties.
Adolescents themselves are said to have the most psychological disturbances. The children have always set great expectations, so parents need to understand and share. Parents, please become a good friend of your children so that they can openly share their worries and sorrows.
Thank you doctor and wish you good health and success!
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