What should parents do with gingivitis in children?

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Gingivitis in children is a common disease in oral diseases. Children have gingivitis due to many different causes, better understanding gingivitis will help parents take care and have appropriate treatment methods for children.

1. Causes of gingivitis in children

There are many causes of gingivitis in children, but the most common cause is still the plaque on the teeth. These plaques contain bacteria that adhere firmly to the walls of the teeth, when not cleaned, they will produce toxins that irritate and damage the gums.

In addition, there are a number of other causes of gingivitis in children such as:
Gingivitis caused by teething Improper brushing teeth Failure to clean oral hygiene, causing leftover food to stick and accumulate under the teeth and gums. interdental teeth. Children get heat because they eat a lot of hot food.

2. Stages of gingivitis

Usually gingivitis in children is divided into two stages:
The first stage is red, swollen gums that are easy to bleed, especially when children brush their teeth; If detected early and properly treated in the early stages, the disease will be cured very quickly.

Cha mẹ cần làm gì với bệnh viêm lợi ở trẻ?
Viêm lợi ở trẻ khiến trẻ gặp khó khăn trong việc ăn uống

Stage two Inflammation of the gums. When food accumulates in the gap between teeth and roots and is not cleaned daily, it can cause infection. Gums are inflamed, red, bleeding, painful, swollen cheeks, mouth has a bad smell. The food in between the teeth, if not taken out, causes gingivitis, which also causes complications such as caries, pulpitis, periodontitis......
Complications of gingivitis in children include
Gums of children prone to bleeding, the child's mouth has a strange odor causing reduced resistance and vitamin C deficiency in the gums. Gingivitis in children also affects the quality of enamel, making teeth often ivory color and easy to cause tooth decay.

3. How to treat gingivitis in children

When children have symptoms of gingivitis, parents should not arbitrarily treat children, should treat as directed by a doctor. Treatment methods for gingivitis in children include:
Removing plaque and tartar You can take your child to a dental clinic to have their teeth examined and tartar removed, usually after cleaning, the dentist will direct Teach children how to brush and floss for daily hygiene to avoid plaque at the roots.

Cha mẹ cần làm gì với bệnh viêm lợi ở trẻ?
Loại bỏ mảng bám và cao răng một trong những cách điều trị viêm lợi ở trẻ em

Use antibiotics If the symptoms of gingivitis in children get worse, you should treat the child with antibiotics, but must follow the doctor's prescription. In addition, children can also use mouthwash or salt water to clean their teeth daily.

4. Remedy for gingivitis in children

For children to gargle with salt water Salt water has a soothing effect, reduces infection and removes leftovers, you can make your own salt water and let your child gargle twice a day.
Gargle with lemongrass essential oil Gargling with lemongrass essential oil also helps to improve bad breath in children, but when using lemongrass essential oil to let children gargle, you need to be careful to dilute it to avoid irritating the gums. .
How to do it:
Dilute 2-3 drops of lemongrass essential oil with about 225 ml of water. Gargle with the solution for about 30 seconds. You can let your child gargle in the above way 2-3 times a day.

Cha mẹ cần làm gì với bệnh viêm lợi ở trẻ?
Cho trẻ đánh răng ngày hai lần để phòng ngừa viêm lợi ở trẻ

5. Prevention of gingivitis in children

Here are some simple measures that can help prevent the risk of gingivitis in children:
Have children brush their teeth twice a day (after breakfast and before going to bed), for at least 5 minutes each time. Remove food leftovers between children's teeth Use a soft-bristled toothbrush, change every 2-3 months. For children to use toothpaste containing fluoride and substances that are good for teeth and gums. Limit snacks and sweets in the evening before going to bed. Take your child for regular dental check-ups, at least twice a year. Children in the period from 6 months to 3 years old are very susceptible to respiratory problems, respiratory infections, skin diseases and gastrointestinal and oral infections, etc. Parents need special care. special attention to the care and provision of adequate nutrition for children. The pediatric department at Vinmec International General Hospital is the address for receiving and examining diseases that infants and young children are susceptible to: viral fever, bacterial fever, otitis media, pneumonia in children. , gingivitis... With a system of facilities, modern medical equipment, sterile space, minimizing the impact as well as the risk of disease spread, Vinmec will bring satisfaction to you. Customers and are highly appreciated by industry experts with:
Gathering a team of leading doctors and nurses in Pediatrics: including leading experts with high professional qualifications (professors, associate professors, doctors, etc.) Doctor, Master), rich experience, worked in big hospitals such as Bach Mai, 108.. The doctors are all well-trained, professional, have heart - reach, understand young psychology. In addition to domestic pediatric specialists, the Department of Pediatrics also has the participation of foreign experts (Japan, Singapore, Australia, USA) who are always pioneers in applying the latest and most effective treatment regimens. . Comprehensive services: In the field of Pediatrics, Vinmec provides a series of continuous medical examination and treatment services from Newborn to Pediatric and Vaccine,... according to international standards to help parents take care of their baby's health from birth to childhood. Advanced techniques: Vinmec has successfully deployed many specialized techniques to make the treatment of difficult diseases in Pediatrics more effective: neurosurgery - skull surgery, stem cell transplantation blood in cancer treatment. Professional care: In addition to understanding children's psychology, Vinmec also pays special attention to the children's play space, helping them to play comfortably and get used to the hospital's environment, cooperate in treatment, improve the efficiency of medical treatment. If you need advice on your baby's condition as well as learn more about the basics of taking care of your baby's health, please book an appointment right on the website for service.

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