Scanning technique for diagnosis of gastrointestinal bleeding (gastrointestinal bleeding) in children with SPECT/CT

Article by Master, Doctor Nguyen Quang Duc - Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine - Vinmec Times City International General Hospital.

Scanning for gastrointestinal bleeding in children with SPECT/CT is a very useful method in determining the site of bleeding, especially in cases of bleeding in small vessels where other methods Routine diagnosis (angiography, computed tomography) was not detected. This technique is performed routinely at Vinmec Times City International General Hospital.

1. Introduction to diagnostic imaging techniques for gastrointestinal bleeding

Scanning for gastrointestinal bleeding is a technique to help diagnose the location of gastrointestinal bleeding.
During the procedure, the client will be injected with a small amount of radioactive material. After that, the patient was recorded with the entire abdomen on a modern SPECT/CT machine, which helps to detect the bleeding site, even with a bleeding rate of 0.04 ml/min.

2. When should scintigraphy be performed to diagnose gastrointestinal bleeding?

Should be done when the child vomits blood or has blood in the stool many times but the cause or location of bleeding has not been determined.

3. What to prepare when coming to the examination and scanning for gastrointestinal bleeding?

The child should fast for 4 hours before the scan. The child did not have a barium scan in the 48 hours before the scan. Children are explained the shooting procedure for cooperation. It may be necessary to coordinate with an anesthesiologist if necessary to keep the child still during the recording.
Hình ảnh minh họa vị trí chảy máu phát hiện trên xạ hình
Hình ảnh minh họa vị trí chảy máu phát hiện trên xạ hình

Why should gastrointestinal bleeding scan at Vinmec Times City?

Vinmec Times City uses the SPECT/CT Discovery NM/CT 670 Pro system with the most modern 16-sequence CT of the world's leading medical equipment company GE Heathcare (USA), for high quality images, helping to diagnose early disease to investigate. The high quality service of Vinmec Times City hospital will satisfy customers. Vinmec Times City's medical staff are experienced, well-trained at home and abroad, so they can advise and provide maximum support to customers during the shooting process, even for foreign customers. For advice on gastrointestinal bleeding scintigraphy, please contact hotline 0979 866 368 of Nuclear Medicine Unit, Vinmec Times City International Hospital.
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