Avatrombopag side effects

Avatrombopag is used to improve platelet count for people who are having problems with platelet cell depletion. When using the drug, you need to follow the instructions of your doctor to avoid unwanted side effects.

1. What does Avatrombopag do?

Avatrombopag is a medicine used to improve the number of platelets when they are on a strong downward trend. Using the drug Avatrombopag is believed to be a medical procedure that improves the health status of patients with chronic liver disease. In addition, when using Avatrombopag, it may also be because other solutions to improve platelet count are not effective.
Avatrombopag is not a cure-all for all patients with low platelet counts. According to research, not all cases of drug use can improve thrombocytopenia. Therefore, you need to have specific instructions and instructions from your doctor to avoid dangerous side effects.

2. Dosage and how to use Avatrombopag

Avatrombopag is used once daily as directed by a physician in patients with chronic thrombocytopenia. For patients with chronic liver disease, the drug will be injected for 5 days, 1 dose per day. The treatment process can last 10-13 days depending on the doctor's instructions and the health progress of each patient.
Every week, your doctor will do a checkup to compare how your platelet count changes. Avatrombopag when not in use should be kept intact in the blister pack. You should adhere to the medication use schedule to avoid forgetting or taking an overdose that is dangerous to your health.

3. Notes when using Avatrombopag

When you are prescribed Avatrombopag you should ask your doctor carefully about this medicine. You can also read more information about indications, contraindications and pre-dosing instructions so that you can ask your doctor more detailed questions. At the same time, always check the ingredients of the drug to eliminate the risk of an allergic reaction if the body has appeared before to any of the ingredients.
Most patients using Avatrombopag should be aware of the risk of allergy to Avatrombopag. If you are not allergic to this substance, you can use the drug and be monitored by your doctor during treatment. If the patient has previously had signs of thrombosis, blood clotting disorder but no thrombocytopenia, it is recommended to notify the doctor to check to determine the effect when taking Avatrombopag.
To measure the platelet count, the doctor will do a blood test. For women who are pregnant, nursing, and children, although there is no evidence provided about the dangers of the drug, do not arbitrarily use it without the permission of the doctor. For women who are breastfeeding, they should wean the baby when taking the drug and express milk after stopping the drug for another 2 weeks before they can breastfeed again.

4. Avatrombopag side effects to watch out for

When using Avatrombopag, you may experience an allergic reaction. Based on the following symptoms, you can identify and report it to your doctor to quickly go to the emergency room:
Difficulty breathing; Rash or hives on the skin; Swelling on the face; The lips, tongue, and throat are red, swollen and painful. Allergies to drugs can seriously affect the ability to breathe. You should pay attention to the manifestations of allergies to early detection and move to the emergency hospital in time. In addition, you need to prevent Avatrombopag from causing thrombosis based on the following signs:
Chest tightness; Shortness of breath; Cardiac arrhythmias are mostly rapid; Painful swelling can edema legs; Stomach pain; High fever; Chills; Jaundice; Eyes showing signs of turning yellow; Bloody stools; Hemoptisi ; Vomiting something that looks like coffee grounds; Body bruises on light impact; Vulnerable to causing bleeding. The side effects of Avatrombopag are not all listed. Depending on the health and physical condition of each patient, you are at risk of other more dangerous side effects. Therefore, do not be subjective to any unusual signs of the body. At the same time, patients after taking Avatrombopag drug should regularly check their health at the request of their doctor to detect abnormal signs early.

5. Avatrombopag drug interactions with food and drugs

Currently, there is no specific list of drugs that cause interactions with Avatrombopag. But when examining and examining you, you should report enough health information to your doctor so that the doctor can understand the situation of dosage adjustment. If the medications you are taking and your medical condition are at risk of drug interactions, your doctor will consider changing the medication or the best treatment.
Above are some sharing about Avatrombopag drug for readers' reference. If you are being treated for chronic liver disease, talk to your doctor about Avatrombopag. Note: Do not arbitrarily use without guidance and supervision of a doctor to avoid allergies or health hazards.

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Reference source: drugs.com
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