Gentlemax drug use

Gentlemax is a drug of herbal origin, used in cases of cerebral blood circulation disorders. Let's find out more about what is Gentlemax? Gentlemax specific uses, how to use Gentlemax, .... through the following article.

1. What is Gentlemax?

Gentlemax belongs to the group of herbal medicines that are sold at many drugstores on the advice of a doctor/pharmacist. Gentlemax is manufactured by SPM Joint Stock Company - Vietnam, under the registration number V152 - H12 - 13.
The main ingredient in Gentlemax is the active ingredient Ginkgo biloba - extracted from the dried Ginkgo leaf extract 40mg. Gentlemax packaged in film-coated tablets, box of 3 blisters x 10 tablets.
Gentlemax medicine box is green, has the shape of ginkgo leaves, and the drug name is printed in red.

2. Uses of Gentlemax

Gentlemax has the main ingredient is a highly concentrated extract from the ginkgo tree - scientific name Ginkgo biloba (plant family Ginkgoaceae). This active ingredient has the effect of increasing the circulation of arteries in the extremities. Normalizes capillary permeability in spontaneous edematous conditions. In addition, Gentlemax also helps increase blood flow to the brain, activates cellular energy metabolism thanks to the ability to consume sugar in the brain, normalizes oxygen consumption in the brain.
Gentlemax also helps to reduce microcirculatory thrombosis. Especially beneficial for elderly subjects who are having problems with the blood circulation system.

3. Indication of Gentlemax

Gentlemax's main use is to treat problems with the cerebral blood circulation system. Specifically, Gentlemax indicated for the following cases:
Short-term memory loss; Mental impairment; Lack of mental acuity; Lack of mental clarity; Depression ; Difficulty concentrating; Retinal disease; Inner ear dysfunction; Hearing loss in the elderly; Sequelae after traumatic brain injury; Alzheimer's ; Capillary embrittlement; Headache before menstruation; ... What is Gentlemax? This is an effective food supplement for many subjects to help reduce health problems and diseases.

4. Dosage - How to use Gentlemax

Gentlemax take by taking the whole tablet with cooled boiled water before meals.
Gentlemax dosage as recommended by the manufacturer is 1 tablet / time x 3 times for people from 12 years old. For subjects under 12 years of age, there are no safety data when using Gentlemax, so it should not be used.
If Gentlemax is used in high doses or for a long time, it is necessary to consult a doctor / pharmacist.

5. Contraindications Gentlemax

Do not use Gentlemax for the following subjects:
Hypersensitivity, allergy to the ingredients in Gentlemax; Are taking anticoagulants; People with blood clotting disorders. Use Gentlemax with caution and do not use when in the list of contraindications.

6. Gentlemax side effects

Although Gentlemax is a functional food of herbal origin. However, when using Gentlemax you may also experience side effects such as:
Abdominal pain; Nausea; Vomit; Constipation; Diarrhea; Headache; Sleep disorders ; Palpitations; Dizzy ; Concerned; Itchy; A rash; Sudden bleeding; subdural hematoma; ... Inform the doctor about the side effects when taking Gentlemax for advice and treatment.

7. Warnings and Precautions Gentlemax

Gentlemax is used in many cases of cerebral circulatory system problems. However, when using Gentlemax, it is necessary to pay attention to some warnings and cautions given by the manufacturer. Some subjects need to be cautious when taking Gentlemax, including:
Blood clotting disorders; Abnormal bleeding; Dental surgery; ... Pay attention to the above group of subjects when using Gentlemax.

8. Gentlemax interaction

Gentlemax can cause interactions with drugs including:
Aspirin ; Clopidogrel; Dipyridamol; Ticlopidine; Lactose monohydrate; ... Gentlemax is derived from herbs, benign but when used with other drugs still need to be cautious. Inform your doctor about the medications you are taking when advised to take Gentlemax.

9. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, driving and operating machines using Gentlemax

Safety data are not available, use Gentlemax with caution.

10. Gentlemax Preservation

Gentlemax stored at room temperature.
Gentlemax is a functional food of herbal origin. Gentlemax is used for cerebrovascular disorders as indicated. Take medicine safely, consult your doctor/pharmacist before taking Gentlemax.

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