Uses of Auslis

Auslis medicine has the main ingredient is L-Cystine, used in the treatment of freckles, eczema, tanning, lipstick moles, sunburn, dermatitis, skin rashes, inflammatory boils, urticaria, eczema, acne, itching, hair loss, broken nails and corneal lesions,... Let's find out in more detail how to use Auslis medicine through the following article.

1. What is Auslis?

Auslis belongs to the group of drugs for the treatment of dermatological diseases, made in the form of soft capsules, packed in a box of 12 blisters x 5 tablets.
Auslis medicine has the main ingredient L-Cystine 500mg and other excipients such as: Soybean oil, gelatin, glycerin, water, palm oil, white beeswax, nipagin, nipasol, sorbitol, ethyl vanillin and chocolate color. .

2. Indications for the use of Auslis

Auslis medicine is used in the following cases:
Support for hyperpigmentation on the skin such as: Freckles, eczema, tanning, lipstick moles and sunburn, etc. Treatment of dermatitis caused by the use of drugs other. Support treatment of skin symptoms such as: Skin rash, inflammatory acne, urticaria, eczema, boils, acne, itching, .. Treatment and prevention of symptoms such as: Hair loss , broken nails, brittle nails, etc.. Support recovery of corneal damage.

3. Dosage - How to use Auslis effectively

Patients use Auslis drug 2 times a day, treatment time for 2-3 months. This is the time it takes for the hair and nails to grow physiologically. Adults: The usual dose is 1 tablet x 3-4 times/day. Treatment of male hormone hair loss: The usual dose is 4 tablets per day, treatment for 2 consecutive months and 1 month break, or 15 days per month. How to use:
Patients should swallow Auslis tablets with plenty of water and take them while eating.

4. Contraindications to the use of Auslis

Auslis drug is not used in the following cases:
Patients with severe renal failure or hepatic coma. Cystinuria patients. The patient is in combination with Levodopa. Patients with hypersensitivity, history of allergy to L-Cystine or to any other ingredient in the drug.

5. Auslis drug interactions

Contraindications to the combination of Auslis with Levodopa: Because the action of Levodopa is inhibited by Pyridoxine. If Levodopa is used in the absence of peripheral dopadecarboxylase inhibitors.

6. Side effects when taking Auslis

In general, Auslis is well tolerated at usual doses. However, in the process of using the patient may encounter some unwanted side effects such as:
Rash; Vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, gastritis. If you experience these symptoms, the patient should stop using Auslis and notify the doctor for appropriate treatment.

7. Precautions when using Auslis

Auslis is prescribed by a doctor or pharmacist. Patients should not self-medicate. Use Auslis with caution in patients with cystinuria. Auslis has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture, patients should not use the drug has expired. If you see Auslis showing signs of mold, discoloration, sticky capsule shell, .. or any other suspicion, do not use the drug and inform your doctor/pharmacist. There are no studies on the effects of Auslis in pregnant and lactating women. Therefore, Auslis should only be used by pregnant and lactating women when absolutely necessary. Above is all information about Auslis drug, patients need to carefully read the instructions for use, consult a doctor / pharmacist before using. Absolutely do not arbitrarily buy Auslis medicine to treat at home because there may be unwanted side effects.

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