Uses of Diosmin Hesperidin

Diosmin Hesperidin has the effect of increasing the toughness and durability of blood vessel walls, increasing venous tone. Therefore, the drug is indicated in the treatment of hemorrhoids and venous insufficiency. What problems should patients pay attention to during the use of Diosmin Hesperidin?

1. What is Diosmin Hesperidin?

Diosmin Hesperidin is an active ingredient with the following effects:
Increases flexibility and stabilizes blood vessel walls; Reduced capillary permeability; Increased venous tone; Protect and increase resistance of small blood vessels; Enhance lymphatic drainage, inhibit inflammatory mediators. Therefore, the drug Diosmin Hesperidin has the effect of enhancing the effectiveness in the treatment of hemorrhoids and venous insufficiency.

2. Pharmacological characteristics of the drug Diosmin Hesperidin

Diosmin is a natural flavonoid that helps with anti-oxidants. This active ingredient is abundant in plants, when used, it helps to enhance capillary function. Diosmin Hesperidin is used to relieve weakened capillaries and veins in the lower extremities and to treat hemorrhoids.
Pharmacokinetics of Diosmin Hesperidin: In humans, after taking preparations containing Diosmin labeled with Carbon 14, it was shown that:
Diosmin Hesperidin is extensively metabolized in the presence of various phenolic acids in water. urine; The drug is mainly excreted in the feces, the rest (about 14% of the dose) is excreted in the urine; The half-life of Diosmin Hesperidin is approximately 11 hours.

3. Indications of Diosmin Hesperidin

Diosmin Hesperidin is indicated for the treatment of idiopathic or organic venous insufficiency or chronic lymphatic insufficiency with symptoms manifesting in the legs such as:
Feeling of heaviness in the legs; Footsore; Swollen legs at the end of the day; Muscle spasticity at night... Diosmin Hesperidin is also used to treat symptoms of acute hemorrhoids and chronic hemorrhoids with common manifestations such as:
Blood in urine , usually bright red Blood feeling heavy in the back Pain in the anus during and after defecation, or may be dull throughout the day, especially when the patient is sitting; Feel the hemorrhoids prolapse outside the anus... In addition, Diosmin Hesperidin can also be used for a number of other diseases depending on the examination and indications of the doctor.

4. Instructions for using Diosmin Hesperidin

Diosmin Hesperidin is produced in tablet form for oral administration, preferably at the end of meals. To ensure health safety, patients should consult their doctor and pharmacist before taking Diosmin Hesperidin.
Specific dosage is as follows:
Chronic venous insufficiency 2 lower: 2 tablets Diosmin Hesperidin daily, divided into 2 doses at noon and evening; Acute hemorrhoid attack: the first 4 days, the patient takes 3 tablets of Diosmin Hesperidin x 2, then takes 4 tablets divided into 2 times daily for the next 3 days and maintains with a dose of 1 tablet x 2 taken daily; Chronic hemorrhoids: It is recommended to take 2 tablets of Diosmin Hesperidin per day in 2 divided doses.

5. What should be noted when using Diosmin Hesperidin

5.1. Undesirable effects of Diosmin Hesperidin Some cases of using Diosmin Hesperidin may experience side effects (relatively rare) and most are only mild, including gastrointestinal disorders or real nervous disorders. and usually does not require discontinuation of the drug. Patients should consult their doctor and pharmacist if any abnormality occurs while using Diosmin Hesperidin.
5.2. Drug Interactions of Diosmin Hesperidin Metabolism of Metronidazol may be reduced by concomitant administration of Diosmin Hesperidin. In addition, there were no statistically significant changes in the results of some commonly performed tests such as red blood cell count, hemoglobin concentration, hematocrit index, blood lipid levels (such as cholesterol, triglycerides), blood sugar. and liver enzymes (SGPT, SGOT).
5.3. Contraindications of Diosmin Hesperidin Patients should not use Diosmin Hesperidin if there is a history of allergy to Diosmin, Hesperidin or any of its ingredients.
5.4. Some cautions when taking Diosmin Hesperidin When using Diosmin Hesperidin to treat acute hemorrhoids, patients should note that if the symptoms of hemorrhoids do not go away within 15 days, they must consult a doctor for examination and treatment. Review treatment, as Diosmin Hesperidin is not a substitute for treatment for other anorectal diseases.
When using Diosmin Hesperidin for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency, patients should be instructed in conjunction with postural therapy. In addition, patients should change other risk factors such as limiting sun exposure or heat exposure, avoiding sitting or standing for too long, and regularly exercising. For obese patients, it is necessary to have a diet and exercise to lose weight.
Animal studies have shown that Diosmin Hesperidin is not teratogenic. However, patients should inform their doctor if they become pregnant, especially during the first 3 months of pregnancy, while taking Diosmin Hesperidin.
Patients should not breast-feed during treatment with Diosmin Hesperidin because there are no studies on whether the drug is excreted in breast milk.
Patients should exercise caution when driving and operating machinery while taking Diosmin Hesperidin.

6. Preservation of Diosmin Hesperidin

Diosmin Hesperidin should be stored at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius, away from moisture and direct sunlight.
Patients should carefully read the manufacturer's storage instructions and keep them out of the reach of children.
Hopefully, the above sharing will help patients understand and use Diosmin Hesperidin so that it is safe, effective and improves treatment features.

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