Uses of Ibadrol 1g

Ibadrol 1g belongs to the antibacterial subgroup against infections in broad-spectrum viruses. To use the drug effectively, you should consult a specialist and read the instructions carefully before using.

1. Uses of Ibadrol 1g

The drug Ibadrol 1g is listed in the anti-fungal, anti-viral and antibacterial subgroups. Therefore, the drug is often indicated for the treatment of some mild to moderate inflammation and infections. The following are the common indications of Ibadrol 1g:
Acute or chronic pyelonephritis Cystitis Urethritis Tonsillitis Pharyngitis Bronchitis Pneumonia Inflammation of the lungs Bronchitis in the acute or chronic stage Pressure pneumoniae pleurisy, laryngitis, otitis media, lymphadenopathy, skin or skin tissue abscess, skin ulceration, arthritis, bone marrow infection, other uses may not be listed in the indications. Or the drug can be used indirectly to prevent diseases that lead to the condition in the above indications. To determine the exact use of Ibadrol 1g you should consult your treating doctor.

2. Dosage and how to use Ibadrol 1g

Ibadrol 1g is prepared in the form of film-coated tablets to be used orally. When taking the drug, the patient will drink a glass of water to make it easier to swallow and increase the solution environment in the body to help the drug move quickly and be better metabolized at the site of infection.
Dosage of the drug depends on the patient being prescribed and indicated by the doctor. You can refer to the dosage indications after discussing the drug and how to use it with a doctor:
Children Children under 1 year old are not in the appropriate target group, so it is necessary to consult a doctor. This is the age limit for maximum drug use only really necessary to use the drug treatment. Children between the ages of 1 and 6 years should use a dose of 250mg each time. A day will be prescribed to use 2 times Children from 6-12 years old double the dose compared to children 1-6 years old. Adults Adults can use a dose of 500 mg twice daily or a single dose of 1 gram. For more severe infections, the dose may be increased to 1g twice daily.
Elderly people and patients with impaired liver and kidney When subjects using Ibadrol 1g are determined to have liver and kidney disease, they should measure the extent of the disease to assess and adjust the dose accordingly. Elderly people often have many dangerous medical conditions, so it is necessary to carefully check their health conditions before giving a specific dose.

3. Notes before taking Ibadrol 1g

Ibadrol 1g can cause irritation in patients who are allergic to Cephalosporin antibiotics. If you have a history of allergy to the ingredients of Ibadrol 1g or Cephalosporin antibiotics, you need to notify your doctor for advice and support to change to another drug with the same effect but more suitable and safe for the health of the user. .
Ibadrol medicine 1g avoid prolonged use because not all bacteria are sensitive to the drug. Patients should pay attention to check to avoid superinfection. When detecting signs of superinfection or less sensitive bacteria, it is necessary to notify the doctor for timely solutions.

4. Side effects of the drug Ibadrol 1g

Ibadrol 1g drug often causes little side effects for users or those side effects occur at a mild level, so few people pay attention. The most commonly reported side effects are:
Diarrhea Vomiting Or Nausea Abdominal pain These side effects are defined as mild, easily detectable and can be treated immediately after detection. If you feel tired or have other health abnormalities, please notify your doctor for specific advice and support.

5. Interaction with Ibadrol 1g

When Ibadrol 1g is used together with Cholestyramine, it will cause an interaction that reduces the body's ability to absorb the drug in the intestine. This is the reason why the drug does not achieve the desired effect as prescribed by the doctor. In addition, Ibadrol 1g should be avoided with some other drugs such as: Furocemide, aminoglycoside, Probenecid.
Interaction of the drug Ibadrol 1g when used with 2 or more drugs at the same time can affect the effectiveness of the drug, even lead to toxicity, which is dangerous to the health of the kidneys. To avoid this interaction causing dangerous complications, you should carefully check your health status and provide all the medications you are taking to the treating doctor. Your doctor will consider adjusting the medications you are taking to balance the effects at the highest level of effectiveness.
Above are the shares about what drug Ibadrol 1g is. You should always follow the instructions prescribed by your doctor to ensure both the use and safety for your health every time you use it.

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