Uses of Ketonaz

Ketonaz drug is a drug commonly used to treat hormone and endocrine related diseases. This is a drug that should not be used without a doctor's prescription. Here are some shares to help readers better understand what Ketonaz is.

1. Uses of Ketonaz

The main active ingredient of Ketonaz is Methylprednisolone. This ingredient is used to treat conditions affected by hormones or endocrine. The following are some common cases that are indicated for the use of Ketonaz:
Treatment of abnormal syndromes in the adrenal cortex; Allergic airway inflammation; Allergic dermatitis; Rheumatism; Arthritis ; Blood diseases; Rheumatoid arthritis; Treatment of bronchial asthma ; Lupus erythematosus; Hemolytic anemia ; Ulcerative colitis; Decrease in the number of granulocytes; Treatment of severe allergies; Anaphylaxis ; Treatment of lymphoma; Treatment of acute leukemia; Prostate cancer treatment; Breast cancer treatment; Treatment of primary nephrotic syndrome. The above manifestations belong to the list of commonly indicated treatment with Ketonaz drug. However, a few conditions may be indicated for the patient that are not listed above. To avoid affecting the effects of Ketonaz drugs, you should consult with your doctor to ensure the effectiveness after treatment.

2. Dosage and how to use Ketonaz

Ketonaz drug is a pharmaceutical drug that is prepared in the form of tablets. This medication is taken orally. Dosage of Ketonaz drug varies according to the patient's condition. You can refer to the dosage of Ketonaz drug according to the following subjects and diseases:
Children Young children are often not recommended to use Ketonaz drugs. However, when the condition is found to be adrenal insufficiency, the drug Ketonaz can be used. With this disease, young children are used therapeutic dose 0.117mg/kg and divided into 3 times a day.
In some other cases, if prescribed by a doctor, you can use the dose according to the instructions. These doses are usually prescribed in the range of 0.417 - 1.67 mg/kg. Each such dose will be divided into 3-4 doses per day based on the child's weight and the actual total dose.
Adults Patients will usually be treated with a dose of 4 - 48mg / day. This is the dose for monotherapy patients. Some other patients need to check the treatment according to the therapeutic dose of the disease. In addition, the dose of Ketonaz drug is also adjusted according to specific diseases such as:
Patients with multiple sclerosis use a dose of 160mg / day for 1 week. The dose was then adjusted to 64mg for 1 month, but each dose was given 48 hours apart. Acute asthma: Use for 5 days at a dose of 32-48mg/kg per day. Rheumatoid arthritis use 4-6mg/day if leading to acute use 16-32mg/day then gradually reduce. Severe low: 0.8mg/kg daily then use single dose. Primary nephrotic syndrome using starting doses in the range of 0.8 - 1.6 mg/kg. The duration of treatment lasts for 6 days, then after 6-8 weeks, the dose is adjusted. Chronic ulcerative colitis: Patients with mild disease usually take the drug with a dose of 8mg. If the disease is severe, it should be increased to 8-24mg/day. Lupus erythematosus: Using a daily dose of 0.8mg/kg can gradually reduce the pathology. After that, the maintenance dose was used 8mg/day. Immune-affected hemolytic anemia: For 3 days use a dose of 64mg per day. The duration of drug treatment needs to last about 6-8 weeks.

3. Notes before taking Ketonaz

Before using Ketonaz, you need to check the ingredients and the risk of allergies. Some components of Ketonaz drug can affect patients, so it should be used with caution. Note if the patient has a history of hypersensitivity or allergy to the drug's ingredients, please inform the doctor. Ketonaz is contraindicated for use in patients at risk of drug hypersensitivity. If you are in the group of subjects that are contraindicated to use the drug, please inform your doctor to change to another suitable and safer drug. Ketonaz is not recommended for women or children. These subjects, although according to the study, did not have any dangerous findings after taking the drug. However, do not use it without your doctor's prescription or permission. Before using Ketonaz, patients should pay attention to check the packaging and expiry date. If the packaging does not meet the standards, it should be changed back to avoid affecting the treatment results. During use, it is necessary to store the drug according to the instructions of a medical professional to avoid the drug changing its medicinal properties.

4. Side effects of Ketonaz

Currently, there is not much mention of Ketonaz side effects. However, the drug Ketonaz is not without causing side effects for users. To avoid the effects of drug use, patients should actively monitor their health as well as regularly re-examine according to the doctor's instructions to limit unwanted dangers.
Sometimes side effects will appear in a small or large group of patients. That according to the medical assessment depends on the patient. Most patients taking Ketonaz as prescribed and following the instructions will limit interactions. Unless the patient has an underlying medical condition or has an unusual problem after taking the drug, it will affect the original calculated dose.
To avoid effects due to side effects you need to ensure the correct dose as prescribed and appropriate. The drug concentration can be checked in case of need to be noted. If there are any unusual changes or hormonal disturbances, you should immediately notify your doctor for timely adjustment.

5. Interaction with Ketonaz

Side effects of Ketonaz drugs affect the therapeutic effect if used together with some other drugs. Normally, Cyclosporin or medicine for patients with diabetes is not recommended to use Ketonaz. These 2 drugs according to research will lead to the risk of bad interactions for the treatment process in patients.
Endocrine disorders can also be an interactive form of influence but originate from within the body. There are many causes of this condition and it has a great influence on the patient's mood and health. You need to monitor any changes, and contact your doctor regularly for advice and help to improve your condition in case of hormonal or endocrine disorders.
Finally, before you want to combine treatment with Ketonaz with any medicine, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Avoid the case of arbitrarily using 2 drugs at the same time that affect the effect of Ketonaz. If it is necessary to treat with multiple drugs, your doctor will schedule the appropriate medication for you to avoid drug interactions.
Above are a few shares to readers to clarify what Ketonaz is. Ketonaz drugs need to be used according to the prescription, instructions and prescription from the doctor. If you have a need for medication, you should go to the hospital to check and suggest to your doctor for specific instructions, do not arbitrarily use it without a prescription.

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