Uses of Natricol

Natricol is a medicine used for eye and nose drops; Used to wash the eyes, wash the nose, can be used for babies. Specifically, what is the dosage and composition of Natricol? The following article will provide information about this medicinal product.

1. What is Natricol?

Natricol medicine is produced in the form of bottles, with a capacity of 10ml, inside containing eye and nose drops.
The main active ingredient in Natricol is Sodium Chloride 90mg, which is a salt combination of 40% sodium and 60% chloride. With 90 mg in 10 ml of solution, the drug Sodium Chloride becomes an isotonic solution with a salt concentration similar to other body fluids such as blood, tears, ..

2. What are the effects of Natricol?

Natricol medicine includes sodium chloride 90mg salt and other excipients just enough 10ml. The combination of 90 mg of Sodium Chloride in 10 ml of distilled water produces a physiological saline solution, with a salt concentration of 9 parts per thousand. This is an isotonic solution with a concentration and osmotic pressure similar to that of body fluids.
Physiological saline should therefore be used a lot in treatment. Specific effects of physiological saline include:
Used as an intravenous infusion, to detoxify, increase vitality, reduce salt and electrolyte deficiency in patients with loss of strength, blood loss, dehydration, depression weakness, fever, ... Physiological saline used in this case is prepared under strict conditions, used in large quantities when infused into a vein. Used as an external medicine for eye drops, nasal wash, eye wash, mouthwash, throat rinse, wound wash, .. Natricol is used with the second effect. This is a common eye and nose wash and is widely sold at drugstores, an over-the-counter drug. The drug has a mild antiseptic effect, so it can be used to wash the eyes and nose without worrying about affecting the osmotic pressure in the eyes or the risk of irritation in the nasal mucosa.
Natricol medicine is indicated in the following cases:
Eye and nose piercing to clean dirt, clear fluid and prevent dry nose Use for all subjects, including adults, children, women with pregnancy and lactation, as well as infants.

3. Usage of Natricol

3.1. How to use Natricol Users apply Natricol by instilling the solution in the bottle into the nose, eyes, and ears to wash these areas. Can be combined with cotton swabs to clean dirt in the nose and ears.
Please use the medicine within 1 month of opening the bottle. Follow the way of use stated in the instructions or in the package insert for Natricol.
3.2. Dosage of Natricol The usual recommended dose of Natricol is 1 to 3 drops, taken 1 to 3 times per day.
3.3. If you forget to take your medicine, take it when you remember it. In case it is time to use the next medicine, use Natricol as usual, do not add too much solution.
Currently, there are no reports of overdose of Natricol. However, users should not overdose, especially careful when used for infants.

4. Contraindications to the drug Natricol

Natricol is contraindicated for use in patients with hypersensitivity or hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients. The patient has increased serum sodium, fluid retention in the body.

5. Note when using Natricol

Precautions when using Natricol:
Close the lid tightly after use, do not let the medicine be contaminated by bacteria and dust in the air. Avoid contaminating and infecting the top of the medicine bottle. Wash your hands before instilling the medicine

6. Natricol side effects

When using the drug Natricol, no reports have been recorded. However, if you have any side effects while taking this medicine, tell your doctor for timely treatment.

7. Natricol drug interactions

Because Natricol is an isotonic physiological saline with similar osmotic pressure to other body fluids, the use of Natricol with other drugs does not cause specific and strong reactions like other drugs. other therapeutic agents.
There have been no reports of drug interactions between Natricol and other drugs.

8. Preservation of Natricol

Store Natricol in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight; Do not store in a humid place The appropriate storage temperature for Natricol is below 30 degrees Celsius. Patients should carefully read the instructions for use and consult a doctor before use. Do not use the product after the expiry date printed on the package, the color of the solution is changed. Keep out of reach of children and reach of pets. Above is the complete information about the drug Natricol. This is an over-the-counter drug, so when a patient wants to buy medicine, go to the pharmacy to buy it. Hope readers have more information about Natricol after reading this article.

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