Dry lips all year round are lacking in what substance?

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Chapped, peeling, even bleeding lips are a condition that no one wants but often happens. Chapped lips all year round can also be a sign of a lack of essential vitamins in the body. At this time, the care of dry lips that lack substance requires a more comprehensive strategy.

1. Dry lips due to vitamin B deficiency

The skin on the lips is very sensitive and each person's lips depend on vitamins to keep them healthy. If a person is facing dry, chapped lips, it may be partly due to their diet. In which, B vitamins always play a great role in supporting the skin; So, if you suffer from dry chapped lips all year round, see if it could be due to a lack of the following B vitamins:
Vitamin B-2 The body needs vitamin B-2, or riboflavin, to keep hair, nails, and nails healthy. skin and lips are always healthy. Without it, the person may notice sores in the mouth or on the lips. Food sources of vitamin B-2 are dairy products, eggs, beans, lean meats, nuts, and green leafy vegetables.
Vitamin B-3 Without enough vitamin B-3 or niacin, a person may experience dry, cracked lips or tongue and a red, swollen mouth. A deficiency of this vitamin can also lead to dermatitis. People can get niacin in their diet by eating beef, pork, halibut, tuna, poultry, whole grains, dairy, and green leafy vegetables.
Vitamin B-6 A deficiency of vitamin B-6 can lead to cracks in the corners of the mouth, as well as dermatitis. Diets rich in vitamin B-6 include whole grains, legumes, meat, and green leafy vegetables.
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2. Dry lips due to iron deficiency

Just as non-meat eaters often suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency, these subjects also face iron problems. Although iron is found in vegetables like spinach and broccoli, the problem is that the phytates in them inhibit iron absorption. Polyphenols in vegetables, fruits, legumes, tea, coffee and wine also inhibit iron absorption. Because women can also lose iron from blood loss during their periods, those who don't eat meat are even more at risk for severe or even life-threatening iron deficiency.
Accordingly, before severe iron deficiency anemia, dry chapped lips could have been an early warning sign. At this time, the treatment to improve dry lips is also a long-term iron supplementation strategy.

3. Dry lips due to zinc deficiency

Zinc is one of the most important supplemental minerals that help keep lips plump and attractive. Furthermore, zinc is important for a healthy immune system.
Food sources of zinc can be found in everything from meat and fish to legumes. Although zinc deficiency is rare with a well-balanced diet, proactive zinc supplementation can prevent respiratory infections, enhance skin elasticity and even lips. .

4. Dry lips due to too much vitamin A

Contrary to dry lips situations due to lack of nutrients, too much Vitamin A can also be a cause of dry lips. Because Vitamin A is found in retinoids from animals and carotenoids from plants, most people get enough in their diets. Everything from green leafy vegetables to beef and eggs has the vitamin A needed for a daily vitamin intake.
Therefore, when using supplements without a doctor's prescription, the patient can easily exceed the vitamin A consumption limit. At this point, dry lips are not a terrible consequence of too much. vitamin A but also causes poisoning, birth defects in pregnant women or even death.

5. Dry lips due to lack of water

Drinking enough water to prevent dehydration is important for overall health, not just helping to improve dry lips. If a person has difficulty drinking enough water on demand, having a humidifier in the room can help.
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6. Dry lips due to some medications

Besides the cause of dry lips is a lack of minerals and vitamins, some drugs can cause dry lips as a side effect, such as high blood pressure drugs.
At the same time, even skin care products containing retinoids can cause chapped lips. Toothpaste, lipstick, or lip balm that irritate the lips can all be to blame. So avoid lipsticks containing propyl gallate and toothpastes with sodium lauryl sulfate. Lip balms with parabens, phthalates, or plumping ingredients like phenol and carmol can be as harmful to lips as they are if they contain menthol.
In conclusion, if a person suffers from dry chapped lips all year round and cannot stop using lip balm during the day, dry chapped lips is one of the symptoms of vitamin deficiency. What's more, it's also an early warning sign of serious health problems, rather than simply thinking about cold, dry weather. At this time, a nutritious, balanced diet with ingredients will become a simple treatment, both improving the beauty of the lips and ensuring general health.

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