Is it better to use cream or stick concealer?

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Concealing is an important step in makeup, especially in people with lots of acne, dark spots or dark circles under the eyes. Concealer products are now very diverse, each type will be suitable for each different skin condition.

1. What is a concealer product?

Concealer is similar to foundation because both products work to even out skin pigmentation, providing a perfect foundation for those in need of makeup.
Concealer aims to cover small imperfections on the face such as acne, melasma, freckles or dark circles under the eyes when wearing makeup. Choosing and using an appropriate concealer product will help us gain more confidence every time we step out or when communicating.

1.1. Creamy Concealer

Cream concealer products are divided into liquid and thick cream:
Liquid concealer This concealer is characterized by a fairly liquid cream, the advantage is that it does not cause patching on the skin when used. . However, the biggest drawback of liquid cream concealer is that the coverage is not high, only creating a fairly thin, natural coverage. Therefore, this product will be suitable for skin with imperfections that are not too obvious such as dark circles under the eyes or dark acne marks.
Besides, due to its rather thin and light texture, it will be suitable for oily, sensitive or wrinkled skin. At the same time, concealing liquid cream is less irritating to the skin.
Cream concealer Cream concealer has a thicker cream consistency and is usually compacted in small containers. The thick cream has the advantage of good coverage, but sometimes it can cause patchy skin.
This concealer is suitable for skin with dark blemishes such as red inflamed acne or dark circles under eyes.
The only minus point of this type of concealer is that it often makes the foundation heavier, so it should be limited to the whole face to avoid the foundation being too thick, losing its natural look.
Kem che khuyết điểm thích hợp với làn da có mắt bị thâm

1.2. Stick Concealer

Stick-based concealers often have a similar appearance, like a lipstick, so they are easy to apply. The stick concealer is very thick and dense.
Concealer stick contains active ingredients to help prevent acne spots from becoming inflamed, so it is very suitable for women with acne-prone skin. However, similar to thick cream concealer, if we abuse it, it will make the makeup look heavier and more unnatural.

2. Is it better to use cream or stick concealer?

It is difficult to answer the question “is it better to use a cream concealer or a stick?” because it depends on the characteristics of each person's skin. Which type to use will depend on the makeup needs and skin of the user, from which to consider the most suitable.
For women with small facial defects, cream concealer is more suitable because it gives a thin and natural foundation. In contrast, with skin with a lot of red acne and dark circles, you should use a stick concealer to provide good coverage.

3. What should be noted when using concealer?

3.1. Only use concealer for problem areas

Concealer should only be used to cover imperfections such as dark circles, red acne or dark spots.

3.2. Make it easy to use

Concealer contains a large amount of pigment, significantly more than foundation or powder. Therefore, when applying makeup, just use a sufficient amount of cream as desired, avoid overdoing it. If you want to use concealer on a larger area of ​​skin, use your fingers to gently dot the cream to absorb evenly into the skin.
Hãy sử dụng ngón tay nhẹ nhàng để em thấm đều lên da

3.3. Some places should apply concealer

Wrinkles: To create a smoother feel, you should use a light concealer and use only a small amount to avoid a mask effect; Dark circles and puffiness: The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, it is necessary to apply concealer with your ring finger to avoid putting pressure on this area; Acne spots: Apply concealer directly to the acne spots, not to stick to the surrounding skin, it is recommended to use tools with small heads to increase accuracy.

3.4. Use the right concealer color

If the skin defect is red like acne, red spots or rosacea, use a green concealer; If the defect is blue or purple like dark circles, broken capillaries, blood vessels are visible then use yellow or orange concealer; If your skin blemishes are yellow, like birthmarks or bruises, use a concealer with a purple or blue tint. In short, “is it better to use a cream concealer or a stick?” It depends on many factors, including the characteristics of each person's skin. When applying makeup, you need to choose a smart way to both conceal imperfections and get the most gentle and natural makeup.

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