7 benefits of lifting heavy weights

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Losing weight and burning calories is one of the benefits you get when lifting heavy weights. But that's not all the benefits lifting heavy weights can give you. Weight training also helps promote and improve both physically and mentally. Obviously, lifting heavy weights not only helps you have a better appearance, but it also brings many health benefits to you.

1. Increase confidence In fact, weight training makes you feel stronger, more confident. You have the ability to move heavy objects and handle other challenges in your life. Lessons in the gym can also help you in everyday life. Exercises help you become an active, independent person and become more and more confident.
Several studies have shown that lifting heavy weights can also help reduce anxiety, depression, and make us feel happier.
2. Weight training makes you stronger Lifting heavy weights will increase muscle energy and strength regardless of the mass or size of muscle you have. Weightlifting is very suitable for women. A proper training program will help you lift heavier and heavier weights day by day. You will feel yourself stronger and stronger with strong and toned muscles.
Not only training muscles, lifting heavy weights also helps strengthen bones. Your muscles will be pulled hard on the bone as you perform the bend. The reaction of the cells in the bone is to create new bone cells. As a result, the bones will become stronger and denser.
Over time, lifting weights not only helps maintain bone mass but can even create new bone, especially for women going through menopause.
3. Helps the body lose fat As we all know, more exercise will help burn more fat. According to some experts, even if you don't work out at the gym, lifting heavy weights will help your body burn more fat. Especially, when you no longer exercise, the body will continue to burn calories. In addition, muscle mass is also increased to support faster fat burning without exercise. If you are looking to lose fat in a short time, heavy weight training is some good options.
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A recent study found that strength training through weightlifting helps maintain muscle mass during fat loss. This shows that, compared to exercises that burn both fat and muscle, lifting heavy weights will be more effective in helping you lose belly fat.
The more weight a woman lifts, the more belly fat she loses. Therefore, lifting heavy weights not only helps to lose weight, have a toned body, but also helps reduce the risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome and some cancers.
4. Improves Brain Not only helps build muscle, heavy weight training also increases the production of hormones, including the hormone IGF-1, which stimulates connections in the brain and enhances cognition. In a recent study, experts found that leg strength was strongly positively related to brain power, less negatively affected by factors like aging.
Simply put, lifting heavy weights will help you increase your ability to concentrate, work and study effectively, avoiding the negative effects of old age.
Besides the benefits related to muscles, heavy weight training also helps our brains work better.
5. Prevent Injury Heavy weight training helps us to increase muscle strength, strengthen bones and connective tissues. This will help keep your body stable during exercise, avoid injury, and reduce symptoms like back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain.
6. Increase Endurance Strength training with heavy weight training helps us to improve endurance. If you are going to participate in a running race soon, you should immediately go to the gym and train as hard as you can. That will help you somewhat gain a chance to win the upcoming contest.
7. Anti-aging Sedentary adults will lose about 3-8% of muscle mass in 10 years. Muscle weakness is associated with increased mortality in men. Lifting heavy weights will help you fight the symptoms of aging.
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To ensure safety when lifting heavy weights, you need to keep a few things in mind:
Make sure you consult your doctor before starting a heavy weight training program, especially when you are having problems with blood pressure or heart, it is advisable to practice with a coach to be thoroughly advised on lifting techniques and weights suitable for your ability Pay attention to your body and adjust your posture. Lift position when necessary to avoid injury during exercise. Once you understand the benefits of weightlifting in the gym, you can start to implement to get a supple health and attractive body with this weightlifting. Or visit the website of Vinmec International General Hospital for more information about health for different audiences.

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Reference source: healthline.com
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