What are the benefits of eating carp?

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Carp is known for its many health benefits, especially for pregnant women. The dish from carp is not only delicious because the fish meat is thick, fatty and few bones, but carp also contains a lot of nutrients that have the effect of treating a number of diseases effectively.

1. Nutritional composition of carp

Carp, also known as Ly Ngu, is a type of freshwater fish that is used quite commonly. Fish head, fish meat, fish fins are all used as precious medicines. Carp is processed into a dish with a delicious taste, thick and greasy meat. Therefore, carp is classified as a delicious and familiar dish to everyone.
According to Oriental medicine, carp has the effect of supporting the diuretic process, helping the body to cure diseases when cold, normalizing the lungs, or clearing the digestive tract. In addition, carp also has the effect of helping to excrete and eliminate swelling. Not only that, carp is also considered as a panacea to treat women's diseases.
What are the benefits of eating carp? Not only according to folk beliefs, but even Modern Medicine has proven the useful uses of carp for health. In 100 grams of edible carp, there are 4.1 grams of lipid, 0.09 mg of vitamin B2, 17.6 grams of protein, 25 mg of vitamin A ...
Cá chép có chứa dinh dưỡng cao, tốt cho sức khỏe

2. Uses of carp in each part of the fish

Carp meat has gas, orange taste, does not contain toxins. Fish meat helps to support the treatment of jaundice. Carp eyes are used to apply to open wounds with quite good treatment results. Carp bones are used to treat leukoplakia in women or when the disease is yin and after the treatment is over, it is very effective.
Carp brain is used to treat simple diseases. Pregnant people can use carp porridge to improve this situation. Results are visible after only a few days of use.
Carp intestines cure sores, ear rot caused by infection, hemorrhoids, fistulas. Use carp intestines, add a little white wine with high alcohol, the better, then bake soft cotton cloth and cover for sick people. Carp teeth can be used to treat kidney stones, helping to improve kidney stone disease quickly.
Carp bile has a bitter taste, soldering properties, and does not cause toxic substances for users. Using carp bile also helps to cure diseases such as red eyes because of heat in the body, sore eyes or blurred or fragile eyes.
Carp fat can be used to cook instead of cooking oil to treat children's diseases such as epilepsy.

3. The Health Benefits of Carp

Carp is known as a food with a suitable protein nutritional composition for humans, because they are easy to absorb into the body, unlike other foods. According to studies on carp, it is not by chance that carp is considered as one of three nutritious foods: chicken, carp, and tortoiseshell. Carp has good quality meat, sweet and fragrant. Pregnant women use it to help maintain pregnancy, safe pregnancy. And for normal people, using carp has the effect of tonic blood.
Cá chép có tác dụng giúp dưỡng thai, an thai
In Chinese Medicine, the positive in negative carp has the effect of helping urination, so it can be used to support diseases when it is cold, grilled carp can be burned, has a leprosy. solder, normalizes the lungs, clears the digestive tract, excretes and eliminates swelling.
The main effect of carp is to help replenish blood and enhance health to help support good treatment of diseases such as impotence, menorrhagia, haemorrhage, blood circulation, and pregnancy for women and children. muted unable to swallow, or edematous jaundice, acute bronchitis ...
In addition, carp also provide a rich source of nutrients such as omega-3, essential amino acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) ... these compounds have the effect of preventing and treating atherosclerosis, anti-cancer, and reducing fat in the blood. Not only that, carp also contains many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin E....

4. Some nutritious dishes are made from carp

Is carp delicious? Carp is a widely used and popular food source. Using carp as a raw material, it is possible to prepare many delicious and nutritious dishes with the effect of supporting the treatment of diseases, including the following dishes:
Carp stewed with glutinous rice has the effect of helping pregnancy, Nourish blood and blood, warm the spleen and stomach, eliminate fatigue and anemia, and help benefit milk for nursing mothers. Carp soup cooked with red apples can help strengthen the spleen, nourish the blood, and support healthy growth of the fetus. Carp cooked with a Giao can help improve symptoms of pregnancy. Carp porridge cooked with thorny roots can bring relief to back fatigue and edema. Black carp soup helps prevent spleen, carpet loss, diuretic, edema, and pregnancy. Carp soup with Bach Truc helps to protect the spleen, improve water supply, nourish blood and rest in peace
Cháo cá chép nấu với rễ cây gai giúp an thai, chữa mỏi lưng

5. Some remedies for women's diseases are made from carp

Remedy for safe pregnancy: Use carp with a weight of about half a pound, leaving the scales. Then dissect the intestines and clean the intestines. Mix half a cup of glutinous rice and add a little tangerine peel, raw ginger to the boil, add salt. Using this remedy to eat for 5 to 7 times will be effective very quickly. Remedy for vomiting in early pregnancy: Use 250 grams of carp that have been scaled, removed and washed. Then, add 6 grams of crushed ginseng, 10 grams of thinly sliced ​​fresh ginger. Bring the mixture to the stew. Using this remedy to eat during the day, has the miraculous effect of harmonizing the spleen and stomach, reducing sobbing, eliminating vomiting. Remedy to increase milk: use 250 grams of carp, cleaned with scales and organs removed, a small pig's leg, 3 grams of pine needles. Take the whole mixture and stew it until soft, and use it for 1 to 2 days to improve the mother's milk. Remedy for postpartum blood stasis: Use cleaned carp scales, crushed and finely chopped, add 3 to 5 grams of boiled water. Drinking this mixture with glutinous rice wine has the effect of helping to dissolve blood and improve blood circulation after childbirth. Remedies for back fatigue and edema: Use 400 to 500 grams of fresh carp, 15 grams of hemp root, 100 grams of glutinous rice. The carp is cleaned, cooked with water and removed the bones. The sharp thorny roots take the water to remove the residue. Then, take fish juice, water of prickly pear root to cook porridge and eat while it is still hot. Use this remedy 2 times a day for 3 to 5 days. Once you understand the health benefits of carp, you can start making medicinal dishes to help improve your health.

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