Can an ectopic pregnancy give birth or does it need to be treated?

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Ectopic pregnancy is a term that is not too unfamiliar to women, as the name implies, an ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg implants and develops outside the uterus. However, not everyone understands this issue, so the question is, is it possible to have an ectopic pregnancy or is it necessary to treat it?

1. What is an ectopic pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg implants and grows in a location other than the endometrium. More than 95% of ectopic pregnancies occur in the fallopian tubes (tubal, ambulatory, isthmus, or interstitial). The remaining 5% of cases occur in other locations such as ovaries, abdomen, cervix or previous surgery scars.
Without intervention, the natural progression of ectopic pregnancy in the fallopian tubes will follow 3 directions:
Miscarriage Spontaneous regression. Fallopian tube rupture
Thai ngoài tử cung có tắt kinh, đau bụng và ra huyết âm đạo là triệu chứng điển hình
Thai ngoài tử cung có tắt kinh, đau bụng và ra huyết âm đạo là triệu chứng điển hình

2. Can an ectopic pregnancy give birth and how is it treated?

An ectopic pregnancy cannot move or be moved to the uterus, so an ectopic pregnancy definitely cannot be delivered and requires treatment. The choice of 3 methods depends on the patient's condition, based on factors such as: shock, internal bleeding or not; βhCG levels and gestational sac size/ultrasound...
There are three methods:
Medication use: An ectopic pregnancy diagnosed early can sometimes be treated with methotrexate injection. The mechanism of action of the drug is to prevent the division of cells, the fetal mass will then be absorbed by the body after 4-6 weeks and the fallopian tube is still preserved. Depending on the initial βhCG concentration, the patient will be selected for a single or multiple dose regimen. Patients will be monitored until βhCG returns to negative, during monitoring if βhCG increases or decreases as expected, repeat doses of MTX will be added or surgical intervention as the case may be. Surgery: If the fetus is large, the heart rate is too high, or the βhCG is too high, the woman may need surgery to remove the abnormal pregnancy. In the past, this was a major surgery, requiring a large incision on the pelvic area, and this may still be necessary in emergencies or extensive internal trauma. But often, ectopic surgery can be removed laparoscopically, a minimally invasive surgical procedure. The surgeon makes small incisions in the lower abdomen and then inserts a small video camera and instruments through these incisions. Images from the camera are displayed on a monitor in the operating room, allowing the surgeon to see what is going on inside the body without making large incisions. The ectopic tissue is then surgically removed and any damaged organs repaired or removed.
Expected management: if an ectopic pregnancy is asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic and the fetus is very small or cannot be found, such cases require only close monitoring as the pregnancy is likely to dissolve on its own. Regular monitoring of βhCG, vaginal bleeding, and abdominal pain is necessary to determine if management is satisfactory, if not favorable, other treatment options are needed. In summary, once there is a history of ectopic pregnancy, women have a higher risk of ectopic pregnancy in the next pregnancy than the general population. Therefore, in the next pregnancy, be alert for the signs and symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy and need an early antenatal checkup to locate the gestational sac depending on the treatment method and the condition of the tubes. egg. When there are signs suggesting an ectopic pregnancy, women need to see an obstetrician for timely advice and treatment.
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