Can I take collagen while breastfeeding?

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Today, taking collagen is a popular way that many women trust and choose to supplement collagen for their body. Drinking collagen helps to improve skin and hair problems, ... However, whether breastfeeding can drink collagen is also a question of many women.

In the human body, collagen plays an important role and is present in almost all organs and parts such as bones, joints, skin, hair, nails, corneas, ... However, with age, the amount of collagen in the body is gradually lost, affecting health and appearance, especially women. At that time, supplementing with collagen is necessary to help the body become stronger and more beautiful.

1. Why do women drink collagen?

Women choose to drink collagen because they bring the following benefits:
Beautify skin: The first effect of collagen is to beautify the skin. This is also the reason why many women choose to take oral collagen supplements to prevent the aging process, limit wrinkles, prevent acne, make skin brighter and smoother, tighter. Prevention of bone and joint diseases: Taking collagen is also one of the ways to prevent bone and joint diseases by supplementing collagen lost due to age. In addition, they also help strengthen collagen in joint cartilage so that bones can move easily and be supple, prevent diseases such as herniated discs, lumbar spine pain, .... Prevention of vascular diseases: Oral collagen supplements help the body create more blood vessel cells, preventing vascular diseases. Enhance vision, prevent eye problems: Taking collagen helps to supplement collagen for the cornea and lens, so it has the effect of enhancing vision as well as preventing some eye diseases such as cataracts. . Make hair shiny, strong nails: The main component of nails, toenails and hair is keratin, which is rich in collagen. Therefore, oral collagen supplements increase keratin in nails and hair, making nails stronger and hair shiny. So with the great benefits mentioned above, can breastfeeding women drink collagen?
uống collagen
Uống collagen không chỉ giúp đẹp da mà còn tốt cho sức khỏe tổng quát

2. Can mothers who are nursing or breastfeeding take collagen?

Experts say that the majority of collagen supplements today are extracted from the skin of animals. Once in the body, collagen is converted into amino acids, similar to protein supplements. Therefore, breastfeeding mothers taking collagen is quite safe and does not affect breast milk for babies.
However, before deciding to take oral collagen supplements, the mother should consult a doctor to avoid an allergic reaction to collagen, or be advised on a suitable and safe dose during lactation. as well as get specific information about the undesirable effects of collagen, which may affect breast milk for babies.

3. Tips on taking collagen for breastfeeding moms

So after giving birth, when is it appropriate for nursing mothers to drink collagen? Answering this question, experts give advice, 6 months after giving birth is the right time for mothers to supplement collagen. Collagen products on the market today are also very diverse for mothers to choose, but before using it, you need to consult a doctor.
Besides, experts also recommend that, it is best for nursing mothers to choose to supplement collagen for their body with collagen-rich foods such as soybeans, eggs, salmon, ... In addition, supplement Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables also helps the body produce natural collagen. Foods rich in vitamin C are known as oranges, strawberries, ...
If you choose to take collagen, you should choose hydrolyzed collagen to increase absorption. Should be taken with a small dose at the beginning to wait to see the body's response to collagen, then gradually increase the dose as directed. In order for the body to absorb collagen effectively, oral collagen should be taken at 10 pm.
Breastfeeding mothers can take collagen, because collagen does not harm the baby when it enters the mother's body. However, before taking it, you need to consult a doctor to ensure it is safe for both mother and baby.
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