Does holding urine during pregnancy affect the fetus?

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Pregnant women often have to urinate a lot, especially at night. This makes many pregnant women tend to hold back or not want to urinate. However, when pregnant women hold urine, it will have a great impact on the health of both mother and fetus.

1. Why do pregnant women often urinate a lot?

During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes many physiological changes, which lead to many changes in daily life, including frequent urination. Some specific causes for pregnant women to urinate a lot during pregnancy are as follows:
Fetal pressure on the bladder: The normal bladder can hold 400-500ml of urine. However, during pregnancy, the uterus grows larger with the growth of the fetus, causing pressure on the bladder, leading to a condition where the bladder can hold less urine and as a result, the frequency of urination in pregnant women increases. In case pregnant women hold urine, they have abdominal pain because the bladder contains a lot of urine, which will be tight and cause abdominal pain; Hormonal changes: The increase in hormone secretion during pregnancy, in which hcG levels are more active, is the cause of frequent urination. Because hcG has the effect of increasing the flow to the uterus and pelvis, it causes the bladder to be compressed, the need to urinate increases; Kidneys increase excretion: During pregnancy, the blood volume in pregnant women increases by about 50% compared to the non-pregnant period. Therefore, the activity of the kidneys also increases, increasing the excretion through the kidneys and leading to more urination in pregnant women; Urinary tract or bladder infections: Urinary tract or bladder infections have a high incidence in pregnant women, if not treated definitively will cause many serious complications for pregnant women and fetus such as frequent urination, painful urination, blood in urine, urinary frequency and more serious can lead to premature birth or miscarriage... Gestational diabetes: If the disease is not well controlled, easily lead to the risk of urinary tract infections, this is also one of the reasons why pregnant women urinate many times a day.
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2. Harm when pregnant women hold urine

Frequent urination during pregnancy makes pregnant women tend to hold their urine or prolong the time between each urination. Therefore, many issues are raised around the question "will pregnant women hold urine to affect the fetus". Pregnant women who regularly hold urine during pregnancy will face the following dangerous complications:
Urinary tract infections: Urine plays a role in eliminating foreign bacteria from entering the body's urinary tract. So in the case of pregnant women holding urine, bacteria outside the anus and vagina will enter through the urethra into the bladder and cause urinary tract infections; Premature birth: It is one of the harmful effects when pregnant women hold urine. Symptoms of cystitis irritate the cervix, causing contractions in pregnant women and increasing the risk of premature birth. Besides, urinary tract infections also lead to contractions in pregnant women; Fetal failure: Pregnant women withholding urine cause the bladder to enlarge due to the increased urine capacity and cause pressure on the uterus, affecting breathing problems, malnutrition and slow growth of the fetus; Other complications: Withholding urine causes urine to be stored in the bladder for a long time and can lead to urolithiasis. Besides, the natural reflexes when urinating are also lost if pregnant women often hold their urine, which makes pregnant women more susceptible to symptoms of difficulty urinating such as burning, urinary incontinence.

3. Measures to prevent harm when holding urine in pregnant women

Understanding the harms when pregnant women hold urine will help pregnant women take effective preventive measures. Some measures pregnant women need to take are as follows:
Do not hold urine and should urinate as soon as there is a need; Limit drinking a lot of water before going to bed: A lot of urination can be inconvenient for pregnant women, but pregnant women still need to add enough water to the body to ensure health and well-being. healthy development of the fetus. The amount of water added every day is unchanged, pregnant women can drink a lot of water during the day and limit drinking a lot of water before going to bed to avoid frequent urination at night, which can easily lead to insomnia; Limit the use of drinks with diuretic properties: Drinks such as coca, soda, coffee... have diuretic properties, so pregnant women should limit their use to avoid frequent urination. time; Urinate before going to bed: To help pregnant women limit nighttime urination, the distance from the bed to the toilet needs to be safe, there are no obstacles and the light switch position is conveniently arranged to help ensure Safe while urinating.
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In short, during pregnancy, pregnant women often urinate many times due to physiological effects. Holding urine will have a great impact on the health of both mother and fetus. Therefore, when there is a need, pregnant women should urinate immediately, limit the use of diuretic drinks during the day. In case a pregnant woman urinates a lot with blood in the urine, burning and itching, it may be a sign of a urinary tract infection, requiring immediate medical attention.
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