How do male enhancement pills work better?

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Erectile dysfunction drugs are drugs that support erections to help men's penises have a better erection or prolong the erection time of the penis during intercourse to serve the need for prolonged sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction drugs are often prescribed for subjects such as: men with weak physiology, men with erectile dysfunction, .... So how to make the best male enhancement pills work?

1. What is an erection drug?

Erectile dysfunction drugs are drugs that support erection, help men's penis to have a better erection or prolong the erection time of the penis during intercourse to serve the need for prolonged sexual intercourse.
Currently, on the market, erectile dysfunction drugs are produced in many different dosage forms, specifically as follows:
Oral enhancement pills: Drugs are made in the form of tablets or capsules, used for oral administration. Directly such as: Viagra, Majegra, .... Erectile Dysfunction: Used to apply directly to the penis before sex. The drug works to make the penis erect faster, and some drugs also work to increase the size of the penis. Erectile Dysfunction Spray: The drug is used to spray directly on the penis before sex, the drug has a numbing effect and immediately erects in a short period of time.

2. Who is allowed to use erectile dysfunction drugs?

Erectile Dysfunction is indicated for use in specific subjects as follows:
Men lose ability and libido, physiological weakness. Men have premature ejaculation Men have sexual desire but the penis is not able to get an erection during sex. The penis has an erection when stimulated but is prone to sagging when inserted into the vagina of a partner. Men with erectile dysfunction, the penis is erect at the wrong time, when entering "love", they do not get an erection, but they get an erection when they are not stimulated to have sex.

3. How do male enhancement pills work better?

If you are using a prescription medication to treat erectile dysfunction , you will want to do everything to make it work at its best . So how do male enhancement pills work better?
3.1.Taking the right erectile dysfunction pills at the right time Sometimes eating a big meal right after you take the pills might not always be the best idea. If you take 1 Viagra pill after a steak or greasy dinner, it may take longer for the drug to take effect. Each type of male enhancement pill has a different time of use. There are erectile dysfunction drugs that should be used 1 to 2 hours after eating, there are drugs that should be taken before eating, and there are drugs that should be used before going to bed. Therefore, in order for the drug to have the best effect, use the male enhancement pill exactly as directed by the doctor, because only the doctor knows how you take the drug according to the appropriate way and the dose of the drug. much is reasonable.
3.2.Make sure you take the right male enhancement pills for you Although aphrodisiacs work in similar ways, they are made up of different chemicals. This affects how it works, how long it takes for it to work, and the different side effects you may experience. Talk to your doctor about any health problems you have and the other medications you're taking, because only your doctor knows what type of erectile dysfunction drug you're taking and according to your doctor's instructions. What is the best way to get the best results?
3.3.Give Time For The Pills To Work For most erectile dysfunction drugs, you need to wait a while before you can expect them to start working. The time it takes for the drug to take effect varies from one drug to another. While Viagra and Levitra take about 30 minutes to take effect and last about 4 hours after use, with Cialis you must take the drug at least 2 hours before you intend to have sex. and its effects can last up to 36 hours after you take it.
3.4. Talk to your doctor about the dosage of an erection pill If the amount of medication you are taking right now is not helping you get an erection, you may need to take a larger dose. However, never increase the dose of the drug on your own. Talk to your doctor to see if increasing your medication intake is right for you. Never mix erectile dysfunction drugs with nitrates Do you have heart disease? If so, note this: Do not take erectile dysfunction drugs in combination with cardiovascular medications that contain nitrates. Because this combination can cause a drop in blood pressure. To ensure your safety, tell your doctor about your medical history, as well as any medications you are taking. Never be in a hurry, relax your body One thing to keep in mind is that an aphrodisiac is not an aphrodisiac. An erection pill is just an erection aid that increases the effects of a chemical your body makes called nitric oxide, which relaxes the muscles in the penis, which improves blood flow to the penis. penis, which enables the penis to be erect under the condition of direct desire and stimulation. So you can't take an erection pill and expect to get an erection right away. For the drug to work, you need sexual stimulation. Don't rush things, take the time to relax your body, get in the best mood.
You need to understand that erectile dysfunction is a drug, not a panacea. In addition to using drugs, you need to have a reasonable diet, do not use alcohol, beer, tobacco, have a working regime, have a scientific rest, maintain a healthy lifestyle, habits, and exercise. Sports to improve health help enhance male physiology. If you have psychological problems that require psychotherapy, dealing with the underlying emotional or psychological problems can help reduce erectile dysfunction.
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