What is Heptaminol used for?

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The drug Heptaminol is used in the treatment of cardiovascular disorders with the effect of vasodilating and stimulating the heart to contract. In addition, Heptaminol is also indicated to lower orthostatic blood pressure in patients taking psychotropic drugs.

1. What is Heptaminol?

Heptaminol belongs to the group of cardiovascular drugs, with the main ingredient being Heptaminol hydrochloride. The drug is prepared in the form of tablets with the strength of 187.8mg and 300mg. In addition, the drug is also available in other forms such as oral solution or solution for injection 30.5%. The active ingredient Heptaminol hydrochloride has the effect of vasodilating, increasing cardiac contractility, stimulating the heart and improving cardiac spasm. With this effect, the drug Heptaminol is used in the treatment of cardiovascular disorders, orthostatic hypotension, especially in patients taking psychotropic drugs.
2. Usage and dosage of Heptaminol Heptaminol is used orally and is only used in adults, the dose is from 1-2 tablets/time, 3 times/day.
In case of drug overdose the patient may need to be monitored in the hospital for blood pressure and heart rate measurements.

3. Side effects of the drug Heptaminol

Heptaminol medicine can cause some common unwanted side effects such as urticaria, rash, heart palpitations, angioedema, dilated pupils. If you experience unwanted effects but mild symptoms, you need to stop taking the drug immediately. Severe cases or allergic reactions, the patient should be managed by keeping ventilation, breathing oxygen, using Epinephrine, corticosteroids and antihistamines, ...
4. Some notes when using Heptaminol medicine Notes when using Heptaminol include:
Heptaminol should not be used in people with severe arterial hypertension, hyperthyroidism, epilepsy, cerebral edema, people at risk of paroxysmal hypertension; Athletes need to be cautious when using Heptaminol because the drug's ingredients can cause positive test results for banned substances when competing in sports; Pregnant and lactating women should consult a doctor if they want to use it because there are no studies to prove the safety of the drug. Heptaminol may interact with guanethidine and other drugs in the same class that lower blood pressure. Heptaminol is a drug used to treat cardiovascular disorders, helping to lower orthostatic blood pressure in patients taking psychotropic drugs. Use the drug exactly as prescribed by the doctor to increase the effectiveness of treatment and ensure safety for health.

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