What is Troxerutin?

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Troxerutin is a vascular drug that helps protect veins, it increases venous tone, increases vascular resistance and reduces vascular permeability. From there, it helps to treat diseases caused by impaired function of the veins.

1. What is Troxerutin?

Troxerutin has the main active ingredient Troxerutin, the drug is prepared in many different forms such as Troxerutin 300mg capsules, powder mixed with solution and gel for topical application.
Some effects of Troxerutin drug are due to the following effects:
Troxerutin selectively accumulates in the endothelium, then the drug penetrates deep into the venous subendothelial layer. It helps prevent damage to the cell membranes of blood vessels and antioxidant stimulation. The effect of antioxidants is due to the oxidizing effect of oxidants; Protects against cell membrane damage by reducing the aggregation of blood components and allowing red blood cells to pass through the vessels more easily, reducing the release of inflammatory mediators. Troxerutin helps to increase venous and arterial return, thereby prolonging venous filling time, reducing edema and improving local circulation and nutrition by increasing microvascular perfusion. The drug also inhibits the activity of the enzyme hyaluronidase, an enzyme that destroys hyaluronic acid (a component of cell membranes). Under its influence, the hyaluronic acid of the cell membrane is more stable. This leads to increased capillary strength and reduced vascular permeability, thereby reducing swelling, pain, reducing edema, has a positive effect on the inflammatory process in the vein wall, helps to reduce inflammation. The result of these mechanisms is improved capillary blood, reduced edema, swelling, pain relief, improved local nutrition. From there, it helps to reduce the symptoms of the disease due to impaired function of the veins causing blood stasis, edema, pain and swelling...

2. Indications and contraindications when taking the drug Troxerutin

Thanks to the effects of this drug, it is indicated in the following cases:
Treatment of chronic varicose veins. Hemorrhoids Diabetic retinopathy Contraindications of Troxerutin:
Do not use for patients with a history of allergy to any ingredient of the drug. Efficacy and safety in children and adolescents have not been studied. Therefore, Troxerutin should not be prescribed to pediatric patients. With some preparations such as capsules not for use in patients with hyperthyroidism, do not use with MAO inhibitors because there is a risk of hypertension.
Thuốc Troxerutin là một loại thuốc tác động trên mạch máu giúp bảo vệ tĩnh mạch

3. How to use and dose Troxerutin?

How to use: Troxerutin is taken orally. Food does not affect the absorption of Troxerutin, you can take it with food to help reduce stomach irritation and should take the whole tablet with a full glass of water.
Dosage is as follows:
Treatment of symptoms due to venous insufficiency: Troxerutin 300mg is usually used as 2 tablets per day, divided morning and evening. Treatment of symptoms due to acute hemorrhoids: Troxerutin 300mg drug is used from 3 to 4 tablets a day, continuous treatment within 7 days and the patient should take it with meals.

4. Side effects when taking the drug Troxerutin

Some possible side effects of the drug include:
Upper abdominal pain, discomfort above the navel, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, headache. Spontaneous nausea after taking the product with a meal. Anaphylaxis: Although rare, patients can still experience angioedema, difficulty breathing, swelling of the lips and eyes, hives, itching, skin rash, atopic dermatitis... Severe you should stop the drug and go to the nearest medical facility for support Hypertension can also occur, but less often.
Đau bụng trên, khó chịu vùng trên rốn là tác dụng phụ khi dùng thuốc Troxerutin

5. Notes when taking the drug Troxerutin

Close monitoring of blood pressure is recommended when initiating treatment in patients with severe hypertension, if heptaminol is included in the preparation such as capsules. Note that in patients at risk of bleeding who are bleeding and are receiving concomitant anticoagulant and antiplatelet therapy, consult their physician before taking this medicine. For the treatment of venous insufficiency, in order for this drug to be more effective, the patient needs to follow a healthy lifestyle such as: Avoiding frequent exposure to the sun, high temperature environment, standing for a long time, gaining weight incontinence, avoid walking for a long time, should wear suitable pressure socks to promote venous circulation. For pregnant women, there is not enough information available on the use of Troxerutin in pregnant women. Therefore, this drug should not be used during pregnancy. For nursing women, there are no data on whether the drug passes into breast milk. Therefore, you should not use the drug while breastfeeding. You should strictly follow the dose and instructions of your doctor to avoid increasing or decreasing the dose without your consent. Store the medicine in a dry place, away from sunlight and absolutely away from children. Troxerutin is a drug that acts on blood vessels, helping to reduce the manifestations of disease caused by venous insufficiency. To avoid causing side effects or combining with other drugs that cause interactions, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist.
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