Does shrinking the tip of the nose have any effect?

A balanced and harmonious nose with the face is always the desire of women. Currently, cosmetic surgery is increasingly developed to meet the beauty needs of women. However, before making any changes, you will also wonder if the surgical method is safe. In this article, we will learn about reducing the tip of the nose, will shrinking the tip of the nose have any effect?

1. What is nose tip reduction?

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery method that helps to reshape the "oversized" nose tip, helping to slim the tip of the nose, contributing to a balanced, elegant and perfect nose. A balanced nose will make your face more charming and radiant.
In this method, the doctor will remove the skin at the tip of the nose, affect the tissue or cartilage to shrink and lengthen the nose tip, then meticulously stitch each aesthetic stitch to close the incision. In turn, helping you get a slimmer nose tip and long-lasting effect.

2. What subjects are the nose tip reduction techniques suitable for?

Depending on the characteristics of your nose and face, the doctor will choose the appropriate method to perform minor surgery to ensure safety and aesthetics suitable for each individual.
Not all subjects have applied the cosmetic method to reduce the tip of the nose. This method is especially suitable for people with the following nose characteristics:
High nose bridge but deviated nose tip. The bridge of the nose is high, but the tip of the nose is upturned and short. The bridge of the nose is high, but the tip of the nose is large, coarse and disproportionate due to soft tissue (excess fat) or the tip of the nose is large and raft due to cartilage. Correct the tip of the nose that has been operated on. However, for people with a low bridge of the nose or a nose with many defects, it is necessary to combine cartilage to lift the nose and reduce the tip of the nose to get a slimmer and more elegant nose.
Thu nhỏ đầu mũi có ảnh hưởng gì không là thắc mắc của nhiều người đang có ý định chỉnh sửa mũi
Thu nhỏ đầu mũi có ảnh hưởng gì không là thắc mắc của nhiều người đang có ý định chỉnh sửa mũi

3. How are the surgical steps to reduce the tip of the nose performed?

Step 1: Before performing rhinoplasty surgery, the plastic surgeon will examine your nose structure and facial features to advise on the shape of your nose.
Step 2: The patient is checked for general health, monitors blood pressure and heart rate, and does pre-operative tests to ensure safety during surgery.
Step 3: Prepare surgical instruments like other nose surgery.
Step 4: The plastic surgeon outlines the correct nose shape before surgery.
Step 5: Disinfect the nose and ears and conduct surgery.
Case 1: If the cartilage of the nose is raft and blunt, the doctor will proceed to cut the cartilage according to the size that is suitable for the face calculated in advance. After that, the doctor fixed the lower alar cartilage to straighten the nose, making the nose high and slim. Case 2: If the tip of the nose is large due to soft tissue (excess fat), the doctor will perform surgery, cutting off the excess tissue, helping the nose tip to shrink. Case 3: If the tip of the nose is large due to the radicular cartilage and soft tissue, the surgical process will be to remove the cartilage and remove excess fat. Your doctor will show you the shape of your nose before closing the skin surface. Step 6: The doctor fixed the nose shape to keep the standard nose shape after surgery.

4. Some attention after surgery to reduce the tip of the nose

After the rhinoplasty surgery, you can go home right away, but you also need to pay attention to post-operative care to ensure that you will have a perfectly beautiful, natural and free nose. Complications during care. Notes include:
Avoid water completely in the first few days, only clean your nose with physiological saline, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, dust,... Do not touch your nose. Exercise mode: Be careful not to apply force to the nose, limit motor activities that affect the incision such as gym, swimming, jogging,... Diet: Do not eat foods with may affect wound healing such as water spinach, seafood, sticky rice, beef,... Do not use stimulants, alcohol, carbonated drinks, soft drinks, smoke,... after during surgery Perform re-examination and thread trimming according to the doctor's instructions.
Không sử dụng chất kích thích sau khi phẫu thuật thu nhỏ đầu mũi
Không sử dụng chất kích thích sau khi phẫu thuật thu nhỏ đầu mũi

5. Does the nose tip reduction surgery have any effect?

The method of reducing the tip of the nose is generally just a simple minor surgery and the surgery time is usually not long. However, the nose is an important organ that ensures the respiratory process. In addition, although nose reduction surgery is a simple surgical method, in order to create a beautiful nose, each needle line of the doctor must be meticulous and the technique must be precise. Therefore, you need to choose a reputable cosmetic facility to perform nose tip reduction to ensure safety and have a pretty nose.
The doctor will perform anesthesia at the tip of the nose, so during the entire surgery you will not have any pain or discomfort.
Many women fear that surgery to reduce the tip of the nose will affect the functional activities of the nose or have complications due to the incision and cutlery interventions. However, in fact, this minor surgery is quite safe, the surgery only stops affecting tissue and cartilage. The doctor absolutely does not affect the nervous system and cells deep inside the nose, so the nasal function still occurs normally even after completing the nose reduction surgery.
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