Can diabetics drink coconut water?

For diabetics, the diet and abstinence are often very strict. Many people wonder if people with diabetes can drink coconut water? Diabetics eat and avoid what? The following article will help you answer the above questions.

1. Can diabetics drink coconut water?

Coconut water is a drink rich in nutrients and minerals, loved by many people. So can diabetics drink coconut water? The answer is yes.
With low sugar content, coconut water is suitable for people with diabetes. This drink offers the following benefits:
Helps reduce blood sugar: Coconut water helps control blood sugar thanks to its high content of potassium, manganese, magnesium, vitamin C, L - arginine. Substances capable of improving the sensitivity of cells to insulin. Inhibiting oxidative stress and preventing complications from diabetes: According to some studies, coconut water has the ability to significantly improve oxidative stress, thereby limiting dangerous complications on the heart. nerves, kidneys... Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease: Drinking coconut water regularly has the effect of reducing cholesterol, liver fat and triglycerides in the blood. Besides, coconut water also helps control blood pressure, preventing blood clots from forming. However, to prove the benefits of coconut water for diabetics, larger studies are still needed.
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2. Note for diabetics when drinking coconut water

The question of whether or not diabetics can drink coconut water has been answered. Coconut water offers a number of benefits for diabetics. But patients still need to note that coconut water more or less still contains sugar and experts have advised people with high blood sugar not to drink this drink. It means that the patient can still drink coconut water but should limit it, do not drink too much.
People with diabetes need to remember the following things when drinking coconut water:
Drink pure coconut water, do not add sugar, do not use canned coconut water with sweeteners. Do not eat copra because it contains a lot of saturated fat, which increases the risk of complications for people with diabetes. Drink coconut water at the right time, should drink in the afternoon to strengthen immunity, improve cardiovascular health. Patients with gestational diabetes, rheumatism, chronic kidney disease should not drink coconut water. Old coconuts will be better for diabetics than young coconuts. It is recommended to drink only 250ml of coconut water per day and divide it into two drinks.
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3. What to eat and what to abstain from diabetes?

In addition to the note in drinking coconut water, what diabetics eat and what to abstain from are also of great interest to many people.
Foods people with diabetes should abstain include: Stay away from foods that contain a lot of sugar: Diabetics should absolutely abstain from sweets, soft drinks, dried fruits and all kinds of foods containing High in sugar... Starchy foods: Patients need to minimize the amount of white rice, and replace it with other healthy starches such as brown rice, whole grains, legumes.. Red meat: Red meat such as beef, lamb, etc. has the risk of promoting the development of diabetes, and is easy to cause dangerous complications. Foods containing a lot of animal fat: If too much animal fat is tolerated in the body, cholesterol levels will increase, affecting diabetics, and at the same time increasing the risk of blood fat. Stay away from stimulants: Patients need to give up alcoholic beverages such as alcohol, quit smoking... to avoid adverse effects on health. Good foods that people with diabetes need to add: Low-sugar fruits: Fruits contain many vitamins, fiber, and natural minerals to help balance sugar at a stable level. The fruits that diabetics should eat are apples, grapefruit, oranges, guava, strawberries... Green vegetables: This is a very good source of vitamins, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants for people with diabetes. . Experts recommend that patients should eat fresh vegetables such as broccoli, watercress, radish, spinach... Lean meat: Lean meat is a food containing easily absorbed protein, helping patients improve their intake. blood sugar, and at the same time prevent cancer. Fish: Fish has the effect of reducing harmful cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol for the body. Patients should eat fish every day for a better health. Healthy fats: Having fats of natural origin such as olive oil, sesame oil, peanuts, almonds, walnuts... will help the body circulate blood more easily, prevent blood sugar from rising. , reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Nuts: Some types of seeds such as chia seeds, basil seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds... are also very important sources of nutrients for people with diabetes.
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Thus, the article has answered whether diabetics can drink coconut water, what diabetics can eat and what to abstain from. Keep in mind the above notes to have a good health, prevent complications caused by diabetes.
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