Does drinking coconut water prevent pregnancy: Rumors and facts

Drinking coconut water with contraception is not a problem that many couples are interested in, because this fruit is inherently cold, easy to change the environment in the vagina and many other properties. So does drinking coconut water prevent pregnancy? Find out more information in the following article.

1. The concept of drinking coconut water to prevent pregnancy

Many people say that drinking coconut water can help prevent pregnancy successfully. So in fact, does drinking coconut water prevent pregnancy and where does this concept come from?
Overall, the myth of drinking coconut water for contraception is not necessarily a false conclusion. Many experts also recognize coconut water as one of the foods that have the ability to prevent pregnancy, even when excessive consumption of coconut water can lead to infertility in women. The reason why coconut water prevents pregnancy comes from the following reasons:
Coconut water has welding properties, which can easily change the environment in the vagina, causing the uterus to contract strongly, thereby causing infertility. less difficulty for the "sperm" and prevent fertilization and nesting of eggs. Coconut water has a mechanism to inhibit the production of the hormone progesterone - a hormone that plays an indispensable role in the process of conception. Coconut water can reduce the quality of eggs, causing them to age ahead of time and significantly reduce the odds of conception. Drinking coconut water also contributes to slowing down, prolonging the cycle or disrupting the time of ovulation. With the above properties, coconut water has become a contraceptive drink that is passed on by many women.

2. What are the benefits of drinking coconut water after sex?

Because coconut water can have certain effects on conception, many people believe that it is really a natural birth control that is both safe and effective. However, drinking coconut water to prevent pregnancy is still only an oral folk experience and has not been proven by any scientific research.
Many women because they want to avoid pregnancy drink coconut water after having sex. In fact, this measure does not bring about the effect you expect. The effects of coconut water properties on conception are only a very small part and are not yet scientifically recognized.
Moreover, drinking coconut water to prevent pregnancy naturally comes mostly from ancient experience and is not the birth control advice that specialists recommend. Many women have believed this rumor, even overusing it, making drinking coconut water not only ineffective but also leading to many side effects as well as unfortunate health consequences.

3. Is drinking coconut water after taking birth control pills effective?

Currently, drinking coconut water after taking oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy has been trusted and applied by a large number of women. Although coconut water contains active ingredients that help inhibit and inhibit the development of progesterone - the hormone involved in conception in women. Moreover, the active ingredients in coconut water also change the time of ovulation, helping women watch the day of sex to avoid pregnancy at will. However, the above uses are "7 parts bad 3 parts real", so women should not be too confident in this coconut water contraceptive.

4. How many people have used coconut water to prevent pregnancy?

Being inherently welding, coconut water is used by many people to increase the frequency of contractions in the uterus, thereby preventing the implantation process from taking place. On that basis, many couples have believed that drinking coconut water after sex will help prevent pregnancy successfully. Even many women have used coconut water to douche the vagina in the hope of preventing pregnancy as desired. However, douching with coconut water is unscientific, can potentially cause gynecological damage and inflammation, leading to diseases of the reproductive organs.
Not only coconut water, a number of other common foods in daily life are also trusted by many people as a natural contraceptive, including:
Coffee: There have been many cases of couples drink coffee regularly with dense frequency to prevent pregnancy. In coffee contains caffeine, capable of inhibiting the production of sex hormones, significantly reducing the quality of sperm and eggs. This interferes with ovulation and fertilization. With this mechanism, many people have abused coffee to prevent pregnancy, but excessive consumption of this beverage can lead to infertility. Green papaya: The papain component in green papaya has the ability to inhibit the production of the hormone progesterone during pregnancy. Many people have consumed a lot of green papaya to prevent pregnancy based on the fruit's mechanism of destroying the formation of zygotes and stimulating violent contractions in the uterus.

5. Efficacy and safety when drinking coconut water to prevent pregnancy

Any method of birth control that comes from food is not completely effective. Drinking coconut water regularly or for a long time can affect many functions of other organs in the body, even causing difficulty conceiving or infertility even after stopping use.
Not to mention, when women drink too much coconut water, they may face the risk of poisoning and lead to serious digestive disorders such as bloating, indigestion. In addition, drinking coconut water in excess is also harmful to the circulatory system, cardiovascular system and respiratory system of the body.
Therefore, women should still seek birth control methods that have been recommended by leading doctors and experts. Up to now, the most effective method of birth control is the emergency contraceptive pill, which is up to 90% effective depending on the time of use. The sooner you take the emergency contraceptive pill after sex, the more effective it will be at preventing pregnancy. However, this drug itself also brings many side effects and affects future fertility of women, so women need to consider carefully before taking. If you take birth control pills, you should only take a maximum of 2 pills per month and absolutely do not overdose.

6. To successfully prevent pregnancy, what to do after sex?

If you already know that drinking coconut water can prevent pregnancy after having sex, what you need to do now is to choose effective birth control methods based on medical grounds. Most safe and highly effective birth control methods need to be taken before having sex. There are now several methods of contraception that are recommended by many experts, including the implant, the ring, the use of a condom, or the spermicide.
For the method of implantation or IUD insertion, it should be performed at a reputable medical facility with all necessary equipment to ensure safety as well as minimize health risks. Ideally, you need to see a doctor for detailed advice on birth control methods that are suitable for you.
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