Why do you always feel hot?

Heat in the body, a feeling that makes the body feel uncomfortable and you want to find a way to cool down but sometimes unsuccessful. Because there are many reasons why you feel hot in your body and for each cause there will be a different treatment.

1. Hyperthyroidism - a cause of heat in the body

Having thyroid problems can be the reason why you feel hot inside. With hyperthyroidism, the thyroid gland makes too much thyroid hormone. This increases your body speed, turning fuel into energy, which makes you hot.
Along with that you may experience more thirst, hunger, sweating and heart palpitations. You may also have diarrhea or a rash, itching. Women may have fewer or missed periods or have trouble getting pregnant.

2. Menopause makes you feel hot inside

It is when a woman stops menstruating, usually around the age of 50. You will likely go "on fire". This is a sudden, short-lived rise in body temperature. Menopause can cause intense sweating, dizziness, and heart palpitations.
These symptoms usually start before your last period and can last for several years. If they're severe, your doctor may suggest that you manage them with hormone replacement therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes.

3. Ovarian failure also makes you hot inside

Ovarian failure is when a woman's ovaries do not make normal amounts of the hormone estrogen or do not release eggs on a regular basis. As a result, it may be difficult for you to get pregnant.
You may also experience hot flashes and night sweats that mimic the symptoms of menopause. In this case, talk to your doctor if you notice these problems or miss your period, low sex drive, and vaginal dryness.

4. Fever makes body temperature high

Your body works best at around 37०C (98.6०F). When you have a fever, your body temperature rises above that which makes you feel hot and sweaty. This usually happens when the body tries to fight off invading germs such as viruses or bacteria.
Drinking enough water, rest, and over-the-counter medications can help lower your body temperature. But if you have a fever of 39.5०C or higher or if you feel bad talk to your doctor about it. Go to the emergency room if you have severe symptoms such as a severe headache, stiff neck, confusion, or seizures.
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Sốt có thể làmlàm cho thân nhiệt của người bệnh tăng cao

5. Caffeine Can Raise Your Body Temperature

Caffeine can make you more alert and less drowsy in the morning, but it also raises body temperature. Too much of it can raise blood pressure, raise blood sugar, increase stomach acid, and cause sleep problems.
Please read carefully the ingredients on the packaging for tea, soft drinks, chocolate and medicine before buying/using. Assess your own response to find out how much caffeine is too much for you.

6. Spicy foods make you hot inside

Feels like your body temperature soars when you eat hot peppers. Spicy foods seem to raise your body temperature and can even make you sweat. However, there is nothing to worry about this phenomenon. Some studies show that a spicy diet may be good for you. Just don't overdo it in the diet.

7. Exercise makes you feel hot

Workout hard and burn more fuel. That generates more heat. Your body tries to get rid of it by bringing warm blood to the blood vessels closer to the skin and cooling it by sweating.
But sometimes this mechanism can't get rid of heat fast enough and your internal body temperature rises. It's more likely to happen when it's hot and humid, which can lead to heatstroke, a serious condition that requires urgent medical attention.

8. Hot weather makes you feel hot inside

Your body tries to keep itself at 37०C (98.6०F) no matter what the weather. When it's hot and humid, your body transfers blood to the surface of your skin and cools it down by sweating. But this mechanism does not work immediately, but needs to wait until the body reaches a certain temperature. The exact number can vary depending on your age, health and fitness level, but you may feel hot even if your body is already trying to cool down.

9. Diabetes (type 1 and type 2) raises body temperature

With diabetes, blood vessels do not dilate or widen, which makes it more difficult to bring blood to the surface of the skin and escape heat through the skin. The sweat glands that are supposed to cool the skin are also not working properly. That makes it much harder to lower body temperature than usual.
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10. Age can make you hot inside

As you get older, the body's cooling system may not work anymore. If it's hot outside, your heart needs to pump more blood to the surface of your skin to help your body cool down. As you age, the heart is no longer strong, so it has to work harder. The blood vessels may not be as wide as they used to be, so you can't get as much blood to the surface of the skin at once.

11. Heart disease can make you feel hotter

If you have cardiovascular disease, blood vessels do not dilate as they should and the cooling mechanism based on perspiration doesn't work well either. This makes it harder to cool down when the body temperature is high. The weakened heart has to work harder to get blood around the body and can cause a heart attack.

12. Drinking too little water also makes you hot inside

If you don't drink enough water, you won't sweat enough and your body can't cool down easily. If you think you might not be getting enough water, carry an ice water bottle with you when you're out in the hot sun or when you're exercising.

13. Being unwell can also make you feel hotter

When you are healthy, your body functions can help you cool better. When you are unwell, these functions are impaired making hypothermia ineffective, so you may feel hot inside.
It's not clear why, but studies show that people who do more aerobic exercise, the type of exercise that helps your heart pump more blood, are better able to cool down when they are hot. Of course, this is also good for your heart, your weight, and even your mood.

14. You are not used to hot weather

The more time you spend outside, the easier it is for your body to get used to the heat of the environment. It takes about 2 weeks for a healthy person to "adapt" to a new temperature, sometimes longer if you are older or sick.
After doing so, you will feel cooler and your body will be more comfortable while you still work hard in hot weather. This can make you feel cool and comfortable even when the ambient temperature is up to 10०C higher than the room temperature.
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15. Obesity makes body temperature higher

Thin people often feel cooler than overweight people . The more obese you are, the less skin surface you have per kilogram (pound) of body weight. As a result, you will lose less cooling power. If you need to lose some weight, talk to your doctor about ideas for a healthy diet and an exercise program that work best for you.
Ideally, when the body is hot and the body often sweats, the patient should go to medical facilities to be checked by a doctor and have a timely intervention direction.
Heat in the body is often a manifestation of many different problems, so in order to find the exact cause and effective treatment, Vinmec International General Hospital has actively coordinated many specialties, cooperate with a team of leading specialist doctors to directly check and advise patients on their current health status as well as have treatment directions in case of need.
The hospital also has a good system of medical facilities, ensuring the best results for patients in treatment.

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