Why does laryngitis cause speech disorders?

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In patients with laryngitis, pronunciation disorders such as hoarseness, loss of voice,... are very common. This condition has a great impact on the health and life of the patient. Even many people who do specific jobs such as teachers, consultants, etc. have to quit their jobs because of a pronunciation disorder caused by laryngitis.

1. What is laryngitis?

Laryngitis is an inflammation of the vocal cords, leading to hoarseness and loss of voice. When infected, the vocal cords will be deformed, making the voice hoarse and difficult to hear. In addition, the patient also has other symptoms such as itching, burning pain in the throat, dry cough, possible cough with phlegm, mild fever, ...
Depending on the severity and time of the onset of the disease, laryngitis is divided into 2 types are acute and chronic. Acute laryngitis is a viral condition that damages the lining of the larynx, with a high chance of cure. Chronic laryngitis occurs when long-term exposure to environmental factors is polluted, making the disease longer and more difficult to treat.
Causes of laryngitis include: Change in weather, viral infections (especially influenza A and B viruses), bacterial infections (pneumococcus, staphylococcus, streptococcus,...), molds. , gastroesophageal reflux syndrome, inhalation of toxic fumes, allergies, etc. Laryngitis usually does not pose a threat to human health but can have a great impact on quality of life because the disease has an impact. directly to the patient's voice.
Virus cúm A
Virus cúm là một trong những nguyên nhân dẫn đến viêm dây thanh quản cấp tính

2. Causes of laryngitis causing pronunciation disorders

Humans can speak thanks to the pair of vocal cords located in the larynx. The larynx is responsible for both breathing and vocalization. Therefore, when suffering from laryngitis, patients are prone to pronunciation disorders.
Common speech disorders in patients with laryngitis include difficulty speaking, hoarseness, loss of voice,... About the mechanism that causes this condition: When suffering from laryngitis, the vocal cords are over-stimulated. level, giving rise to physical changes, causing the voice to become weaker, while pronunciation still has a gap due to paralysis of the vocal cord muscles, leading to hoarseness, rapid fatigue when speaking, sore throat , loss of voice,...
Especially, if there are risk factors for disease such as occupational characteristics (teacher, counselor,...), polluted living environment, cold body, If you smoke, drink alcohol, etc., the pronunciation disorder will become more and more serious and difficult to treat completely.
To treat hoarseness, loss of voice due to laryngitis, doctors often assign patients to use drugs belonging to the group of anti-inflammatory corticosteroids, antibiotics or solutions containing sodium alkali salts,... However, the methods This treatment usually only helps to relieve symptoms without curing the disease completely (especially if risk factors still exist), with many side effects.
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Bệnh nhân thường được chỉ định dùng kháng sinh để làm giảm các triệu chứng khàn tiếng hay mất giọng
When conventional treatments are not effective, the doctor may appoint surgery for patients with laryngitis who have vocal cord cysts, vocal cord fibroids, vocal polyps,... Besides, the disease People need to limit talking, take vitamin supplements, eat a lot of fruit, avoid cold water baths, avoid spicy foods, don't smoke and drink alcohol, keep their throat and chest warm, etc. to protect their voice. his stewardship.
Taking measures to protect the larynx, combined with early detection and treatment of laryngitis, will minimize the risk of speech disorders such as hoarseness, loss of voice.
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