10 ways to lift and tone your thighs

Shaping, toning and strengthening your thigh muscles is great for you. Stronger thighs mean you'll go faster, jump higher, and improve overall stability. So strengthening the legs is a much better goal than simply achieving smaller thighs.
10 ways to lift and tone thighs are:

1. Go to indoor cycling class

If you're familiar with indoor cycling classes, you know how much this type of exercise uses your thighs. That's why indoor cycling is a great option not only for toning your legs, but also for heart health and weight loss. In fact, the results of one study showed that body weight and fat mass decreased in sedentary, overweight women after 24 indoor cycling sessions.
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2. Use a set of stairs

On average, jogging burns 295 calories per 30 minutes and 590 calories per hour. If you climb stairs, you will increase the use of your thigh muscles. Since each step requires you to lift yourself up, it forces your leg muscles to work.

3. Practice on the sand

Experts recommend walking on the beach as a way to strengthen muscles. The extra stretch sand walking will help tone the thigh muscles.
To get used to exercising in the sand, start by walking in the sand for 20 minutes a day. As your body gets used to working out in the sand, you can add time to your daily workout.

4. Practice ballet style

Pilates exercises are great for stretching and toning your thigh muscles. Specific sequences are designed to slim the thighs and create long, toned curves by working all the important thigh muscles in a specific order.

5. Choose a sport

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The quick change of direction needed in many sports will help shape your legs from any angle. Consider sports that require you to move your thighs to a rhythm, such as: Swimming, golf, soccer, running, volleyball, cycling, dancing

6. Enhance resistance training

Participating in full-body, muscle-strengthening activities at least two days a week can help you burn calories, lose fat mass, and tone your thighs. Include lower body exercises like lunges, wall sitting, inner/outer thigh lifts, and step ups with your own body weight.
The key to strengthening legs without bulging is to keep reps high (at least 15 reps per set). Do three sets of each exercise with minimal rest between each movement.
You can also add upper body moves to your lower body workouts for a great two-in-one move for overall health. For example, grab some dumbbells and do a butt shake with sit-ups or squat with overhead shoulder presses.

7. Squat with body weight

Bodyweight squats, squats that use your own body weight as resistance, burn calories, strengthen leg muscles and tone thighs. Plus, you can do them anywhere, anytime.
Experts recommend starting with 25 bodyweight squats, twice daily (50 total). You can squat while watching TV at home or after climbing stairs at work. If you're up for more of a challenge, try this 30-day dumbbell squat challenge.
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Bodyweight squats, ngồi xổm sử dụng trọng lượng cơ thể của chính bạn làm sức đề kháng

8. Exercise your inner thighs

The inner thighs are notoriously difficult to improve, and exercises to tone them are a bit awkward. So many people completely ignore them. But if you find it funny to work out at the gym, do them in the comfort of your own home.
Do exercises that work your inner and outer thighs as well as your butt for a completely toned look.

9. Try some balancing work

You can do balance exercises at home or at the gym. The balance works to tone all the smaller muscles in your legs and thighs, toning them quickly, and creating beautiful, lean legs.
Good move to try: Lift weights with one foot on a Bosu ball or do your entire exercise on a sandy beach to really test your balance.
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10. Cardiovascular HIIT

Cardio exercises burn calories and strengthen your heart. It also helps to reduce body fat. Including both high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and steady-state cardio in your overall fitness plan will help you lose total body fat and tone your thighs.
For a more advanced workout and calorie burn, consider adding a conditioning session to your exercise plan. The CDC recommends that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, per week. Incorporate both moderate and vigorous aerobic activity for a well-rounded body.
Notes on Weight Loss It is important to note that improving your fitness does not necessarily mean losing weight. However, if getting leaner and changing body composition is also a goal, you'll need to burn more calories than you consume.
Many of the exercises above will burn calories and strengthen your muscles at the same time. Remember, slow and steady weight loss is the best way to maintain weight loss over time.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends losing about 0.5 - 1kg per week. People who do so are more likely to lose weight. It's important to avoid going on an extreme diet that completely cuts out one food group, such as carbs, or is extremely low in calories.
And, the benefits of weight loss go far beyond aesthetics. According to a study, reducing the number of centimeters in the thighs, hips and buttocks can reduce other risk factors for heart disease.
Here are some scientifically proven tips for healthy weight loss:
Drink plenty of water, especially before meals. Eat eggs for breakfast instead of cereal. Read food labels to cut down on added sugar. To strengthen and tone your thighs, you need to do leg exercises. If weight loss is also a goal, a change in diet combined with strength and aerobic exercise will help you lose fat, gain muscle, and improve overall fitness.

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Reference source: healthline.com
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