Sperm less likely to conceive?

One of the reasons leading to the increasing rate of infertility in men is low sperm count, weak sperm. The phenomenon of weak sperm can occur in anyone, including healthy tall people, and has a certain effect on the ability to conceive.

1.Features of weak sperm When it comes to weak sperm, people refer to the quality of the sperm. To make an accurate conclusion about the quality and quantity of sperm, it is necessary to perform a semen analysis.
Usually healthy sperm will have the following characteristics:
After ejaculation, semen must reach at least 2-5ml. The density is guaranteed from 60-80 million sperm/1ml of semen. The semen is moderately thick, not diluted and clumps. At least 25% of fast motile sperm, 30% of normal motile sperm. No red blood cells and few white blood cells (less than 1 million white blood cells/1ml of semen). In contrast, weak sperm will have the following characteristics:
The rate of death or lying still is more than 25%. Low mobility, less than 75% Semen is small and dilute, without certain stickiness. Weak sperm will make sperm not able to reach the egg, making it difficult to conceive and easily lead to infertility.
2. Causes of low sperm count The cause of low sperm count, low sperm quality is due to factors related to pathology and influences from living environment and lifestyle. daily.
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Due to a number of diseases: hydrocele, hydrocele, varicocele, undescended testicle, affecting sperm quality and quantity. Infectious or viral diseases such as chickenpox, mumps, syphilis ... can also atrophy or necrosis of the testicles, causing impaired sperm function in men. In addition, men with diseases such as diabetes, stomach pain, high blood pressure also affect sexual ability and spermatogenesis. Due to psychological stress, stress: Modern life causes many men to face pressured work, the burden of making a living, making the body easily fatigued, prolonged stress. This is one of the causes of weak sperm, lower sperm concentration in semen, and a higher chance of sperm being deformed and more passive. Due to the daily diet: If the daily diet is not full of nutrients, the food is contaminated with chemicals (pesticide, plant protection drugs...), many preservatives ( processed foods) can affect the quality and quantity of “sperm”. Due to smoking, drinking alcohol: Many men who went to the test showed weak sperm results, which was caused by drinking too much alcohol. Many studies show that 70% of abnormal sperm development is due to the effects of alcohol. When these sperm meet the egg and fertilize it, there is an increased risk of miscarriage or giving birth to a potentially high-risk baby. Exercise and overwork: Regular exercise and sports can help men improve their health and minimize diseases. However, if you exercise and work too hard, it can cause the body's circadian rhythm to be disturbed, the temperature of the intimate area increases, causing a decrease in sperm production, even less sperm.

3. Can low sperm fertilize?

Whether or not you can conceive in addition to factors from the wife also depends greatly on the husband's sperm. The healthier the sperm, the higher the chances of conception and vice versa. If the sperm is weak and low, the percentage of sperm reaching the egg is low. However, not all men with low sperm count are infertile. Out of millions of spermatozoa, there is still a small percentage of healthy sperm, but in terms of probability, the chance of conception will be lower. In addition, many studies have shown that sperm health or weakness depends on many different factors and to have an accurate conclusion, men need to perform a semen analysis. In which, for successful conception, semen analysis must meet the criteria of minimum quantity, mobility, density, and survival rate.
3.1. Ways to help increase the ability to conceive naturally On the other hand, reproductive health consultants also believe that the wife also plays an equally important role in the conception process. For couples where the husband has low sperm count, weak sperm, but the wife has good reproductive function, there is no need to worry, because it is still possible to get pregnant naturally. To increase the chances of conception, men just need to pay attention to these lifestyle adjustment tips such as:
Maintain a healthy diet with nutritious foods for sperm Do not drink alcohol, use substances Stimulation Keep mental balance, comfort, avoid stress. Maintain an appropriate level of marital life. Periodic reproductive health check-ups for early detection of reproductive health-related diseases.
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3.2. Treatment of weak sperm with modern medicine Today, with the development of medicine, overcoming the situation of weak sperm, low sperm count helps many couples reach the dream of parenthood no longer too difficult. Apply the following treatment methods:
Medical treatment: the patient will be guided to use specific antibiotics and vitamins to maximize the quality and quantity of sperm, help increase erection and supplement exogenous endocrine. When the body adapts and creates a lot of healthy sperm, it will be easier to have children according to the laws of nature. Artificial insemination (IUI): usually applied when medical methods do not bring results. In this method, sperm will be selectively processed and injected directly into the wife's uterus to save time and distance for sperm to travel to meet the egg, increasing the success rate of conception. In vitro fertilization (IVF): is a method of infertility treatment with standard procedures with many stages. Currently, IVF is only performed at a few leading hospitals in the industry. Among them is Vinmec International General Hospital, which is always at the forefront of quality with a team of highly qualified medical doctors and experts who regularly practice abroad. Combined with that is a system of modern and modern machinery and equipment to help best serve the examination process to bring high results.

Thanks to good medical quality, the Center for Reproductive Support - Vinmec International General Hospital has performed fertility support for over 1000 infertile couples with a success rate of 45%-50%. This rate is equivalent to developed countries such as the UK, USA, Australia,... This is a great success that few hospitals can achieve today. Therefore, when having problems with reproductive health in men and women, customers can contact the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

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