Change the menu to help children eat well

A baby's taste buds begin to develop while in the womb. At 9 weeks pregnant, your baby's mouth and tongue have formed along with the first taste buds. After birth, your baby's taste buds continue to develop. Babies can perceive sour and sweet flavors but prefer sweet flavors. This explains why babies like the taste of breast milk.

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Taste and smell are linked together and continue to develop once your baby is born. As a result, babies can smell milk, even the difference between breast milk and other mothers.
During the first three months after birth, babies can distinguish between sweet and bitter tastes. By 3 months of age, your baby's tongue has developed, she begins to use her tongue to suck on toys or pillows to feel the taste of objects around. When the baby is 5 months old, the taste buds develop more, the baby begins to respond more clearly to the salty taste, however, parents should not give the baby salty foods at this stage.
After 6 months of age, babies begin to be introduced to solid foods. Your baby may immediately like some foods and reject others. Parents should feed the baby at least 8 times to confirm which foods the baby does not like to eat.
At around 7 months or 8 months, babies begin to taste foods with their hands (self-directed weaning), which is the best opportunity for moms to try new flavors from soft fruits and vegetables. Babies tend to like foods they were used to when they were young, so you should let them try a variety of foods with different flavors so that they get used to them, and then let them try new foods.
There are many mothers who always keep the mentality that when their children do not eat the dishes they have prepared carefully, they will blame them on their children, use critical words such as children who do not know how to love their parents, and unintentionally support their parents' love. ignore signs of instability in the child's taste. This not only affects the children's psychology but also unintentionally makes the family atmosphere become stressful. Instead of rushing to criticize, parents should observe the children's expressions, consult information or ask for the advice of nutritionists and specialized doctors for solutions.

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