Suggested menu for 4-year-old children anorexia, slow weight gain

Nutrition for 4-year-old children is often concerned by a lot of parents, because children at this age are very prone to anorexia. Anorexia will make children unable to develop comprehensively both physically and mentally. The article will introduce some menus for 4-year-old anorexic children to help them stimulate eating and develop properly.

1. Some possible causes of anorexia in 4-year-old children

The condition of 4-year-old children with anorexia and growth retardation should be carefully considered the cause of the cause in order to find timely remedial measures. One of the common causes for children with anorexia includes:
Children have medical problems such as digestive disorders or infections or respiratory infections; Children have anorexia physiological or anorexia psychological. With children with pathological anorexia, parents need to find out to treat the root cause to help children digest and absorb food best, and at the same time help children regain their appetite. Parents need to avoid situations where when a child refuses to eat, pressure or force the child to eat, making the child feel scared, especially when it is time to eat. Over time, it will cause effects, making children lose the feeling of wanting to eat.

2. Reasonable nutritious diet for 4-year-old anorexic, slow growing

"What to do with a 4-year-old child who is lazy to eat" is a common question asked by many parents whose children have this condition. When children enter the 4-year-old stage, parents need to change their child's diet more flexibly than before. Because at this time, children are aware of things, know how to like and dislike foods or choose foods that they want to eat. If the parent fully supports the child's will or preference, it will help the child feel more comfortable, but conversely, if the parent requires the child to follow the parent's subjective will, it will make the child feel better. the negative, long-term reactions can lead to anorexia in children.
According to nutrition experts, nutrition for 4-year-old children to develop well should ensure the following factors:
Children's meals must include all 4 food groups such as protein, lipid, glucide, vitamins and minerals. Mineral . The number of meals children can make with 3 main meals and 2 snacks per day. In addition, children should still maintain about 500 ml of milk per day. In addition, parents should learn and make meals so that they are easily absorbed and digested. Because in the case of children with diseases related to the digestive system, it will help children absorb nutrients better. In addition, parents can choose from several supplements containing micronutrients to provide their children with the recommended needs.
Probiotics can be considered as probiotics, including beneficial bacteria that help children balance the intestinal microflora, minimizing constipation or digestive-related diseases. Not only that, probiotics also help children absorb food more easily, making them feel good and want to eat more.
thực đơn cho trẻ 4 tuổi biếng ăn
Thực đơn cho trẻ 4 tuổi biếng ăn cần dễ hấp thu và tiêu hoá

3. Build menus for 4-year-olds with anorexia

Menus for 4-year-olds with slow weight gain or menus for 4-year-olds with anorexia are considered quite difficult topics for parents. Therefore, based on the recommendations and advice of a nutritionist, parents can apply some of the following suggestions to help children have a reasonable and suitable menu for their children:
For children with anorexia, the period This child care is quite difficult. Food needs at this time are also different. However, parents should pay attention to add necessary nutrients for children to improve the child's anorexia.
Zinc: A lack of zinc may make children feel unappetizing and lazy to eat. So when supplementing with this nutrient, it will help stimulate the taste buds, increase the immune system and be good for the baby's brain. Foods rich in zinc are often found in chicken, seafood, beef, legumes, nuts... Omega 3 is said to be very good for children's brain development. However, when the child is anorexic, the nutritional source for the child will be deficient. Supplementing with omega 3 for children at this time will help their brains work better and improve their eating status. Vitamin B: This group of substances has an important function in the body, helping to convert fat into protein, bringing many effects to support nerve function. When supplementing this vitamin for children, it is necessary to use nutritious foods such as dark green leafy vegetables or asparagus, soybeans, chicken eggs... Lysin belongs to the group of amino acids that are important to the child's body, helping to synthesize protein, convert fat into energy, and reduce cholesterol in the blood. Foods that are high in lysine include red meat, soy, eggs, and chicken. Iron: It is very easy to be deficient when children are anorexic. Deficiency of this micronutrient can lead to iron deficiency anemia in children. Therefore, supplementing with iron-rich foods provides enough iron for children. Calcium and vitamin D: Function to help build strong bones and grow taller. In addition, vitamin D also helps metabolize calcium in the body. Probiotics usually include beneficial bacteria for the intestinal tract, helping children have good digestion and eat better.... Food is often made for 4-year-olds with anorexia, slow growth:
Dishes Vegetables that will help children easily absorb nutrients and other important nutrients include: Spinach, mixed fried vegetables, sauteed water spinach with garlic, fried gourd with chicken liver, boiled vegetables, fried asparagus with beef, ... Meat dishes: Usually meat is used to make egg rolls, shrimp, braised quail eggs... Soups such as potato soup with bones, spinach soup with minced meat, cabbage soup with meat,. ...
thực đơn cho trẻ 4 tuổi biếng ăn
Thực đơn cho trẻ 4 tuổi biếng ăn nên chú ý bổ sung thêm các chất dinh dưỡng cần thiết

4. Suggestions for a 1-week menu for 4-year-olds with anorexia

Monday: Children's breakfast includes hot rolls, snacks for children to drink about 300 ml of milk. At noon, children can eat rice with braised fish, tofu soup cooked with tomatoes, mixed boiled vegetables, and yogurt in the afternoon. Dinner is rice with hot vegetable soup cooked with minced meat. Evening snack for children to drink 300ml of milk.
Tuesday: Children's breakfast includes hot dogs, snacks for children to drink about 300 ml of milk. In the afternoon, children can eat rice with mixed sour soup and shrimp with meat, in the afternoon drink fruit juice. Dinner is rice with braised fish and boiled vegetables. Evening snack for children to drink 300ml of milk.
Wednesday: Children's breakfast includes beef noodle soup, snacks for children to drink about 300 ml of milk. In the afternoon, children can eat rice with boiled vegetables, braised meat with quail eggs, watermelon, in the afternoon eat yogurt and cake. Dinner is rice with crab soup with jute vegetables, braised pork rolls, sapodilla. Evening snack for children to drink 300ml of milk.
Thursday: Children's breakfast includes crab noodles and grapes, snacks for children to drink about 300 ml of milk. In the afternoon, children can eat rice with fish soup cooked with star fruit, mixed fried squid, bananas, and yogurt and strawberries in the afternoon. Dinner is rice with braised scad fish, seaweed soup, fried beans, mangosteen. Evening snack for children to drink 300ml of milk.
Friday: Children's breakfast includes sticky rice gac, snacks for children to drink about 300 ml of milk. At noon, children can eat rice with tofu soup, tomatoes, boiled meat, tangerines, and mixed tea in the afternoon. Dinner is rice with chayote soup with bones, roast meat, and butter. Evening snack for children to drink 300ml of milk.
Saturday: Children's breakfast includes Hue beef noodle soup, banana, snacks for children to drink about 300 ml of milk. At noon, children can eat rice with shrimp and sour soup, stir-fried beef with potatoes, mangosteen, and whey in the afternoon. Dinner with rice with melon soup, braised goby with pepper and mango. Evening snack for children to drink 300ml of milk.
Besides, the baby also needs to be supplemented with necessary micronutrients such as: Zinc, selenium, chromium, vitamins B1 and B6, ginger, acerola fruit extract (vitamin C),... to improve taste , eat well, reach the correct height and weight, and exceed the standard, have a good immune system, strengthen the resistance to get sick less often and have less digestive problems.
The improvement of symptoms can take place for a long time, so it is recommended that parents be calm and persistent when supplementing with nutrients for children, even through eating or functional foods. In particular, the use of functional foods should choose those of natural origin that are easily absorbed, do not allow simultaneous use of many types or continuously change the types of functional foods.
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