Teach children to eat vegetables from a young age

Vegetables are considered an essential nutritional food group for the development needs of children and adults. Green vegetables provide a very high fiber content, colorful fruits and vegetables are the best natural sources of Vitamins for the metabolism of substances in the body. However, the habit of eating vegetables from a young age is still difficult to convince children to love. So how to teach children to eat vegetables from a young age?

1. Benefits from children's fruit and vegetable habits

Provide adequate vitamins and minerals Helps the digestive system work smoothly, intestinal contractions easily prevent gastrointestinal diseases in children. The body is healthy, supports maximum brain development, lack of green vegetables, the body loses nutrients, leading to anemia to the brain causing headaches. From the above benefits, let's teach children the habit of eating vegetables every day. You can start with a small amount and gradually increase it.

2. How to practice the habit of eating vegetables for young children?

Do not force children to eat With different ages, children will have changing eating habits. In the period of 1.5-2 years old, children often have their parents grind vegetables to cook porridge, which is also a way to create colorful colors to help them eat well. At the stage when children learn to hold a spoon and eat by themselves, this is the time when children begin to dislike eating vegetables and resist the pressure to eat vegetables from their parents.
Every meal is like a battle between parents and children from flattery to shouting. From anorexia and anxiety that makes parents angry and shouts to scare children even more, gradually we have to give up because of the child's refusal to eat vegetables. So parents, please be gentle to coax children to eat little by little. Forcing a child to eat while crying can also cause the child to choke on food, causing an unfortunate accident.
Create eye-catching dishes Parents can arrange food on funny plates to stimulate children's taste buds. It is also boiled cauliflower, but instead of just putting out bowls for children to eat themselves, arrange them like a green tree so that children can enjoy eating. Also a bowl of rice can add seaweed to create a smiley face to stimulate children's vision. Besides, parents also need to spend more time to skillfully shape the child's vegetable plate, so that the child will have the habit of eating a lot of green vegetables.
tập thói quen ăn rau cho trẻ
Thực đơn phong phú và bắt mắt giúp cải thiện tình trạng trẻ lười ăn rau

Rich menu Mothers need to change the processing methods, daily vegetables and fruits to create curiosity for children. Let's talk about what color your child likes now and choose vegetables of similar color to help them self-consciously eat well.
Diversify the way you prepare your vegetables, from steaming to boiling or frying with flour, but remember mainly vegetables.
At first, let your baby eat from the sweet and soft taste, then to the cool, hard taste. For example, starting with pumpkin, sweet potato, steamed sweet corn, then fruits such as chayote, carrots to green vegetables, beans.
Nutritional information to children From the age of 4 and up, the child's ability to perceive colors already exists. It is very good for children to watch animated videos about the effects of vegetables. From there, educate children to realize that this fruit is good for their brain development, this vegetable helps children avoid stomachache. While watching the cartoon, I suggested that I eat this fruit and vegetable today to get healthy and grow up like you on TV. This will make children curious and eager to eat what they will eat and will eat it voluntarily.
Feeding the child with another child Usually after the children go to kindergarten, the children will eat better because they watch their classmates racing to eat. At school, the children have peers who see their friends eating well, their children also enjoy and eat them, so when the children are at home, it is good to be able to have another child eat with them.
Let the baby participate in the preparation and cooking to help the mother We can also take our children to the supermarket to buy food with us, while choosing vegetables we can tell the baby the names of vegetables and their benefits to our health. child.
You can also teach your children how to pick vegetables so that they feel like they want to eat vegetables that they choose and help their mother prepare.
Parents, set an example for children Children often imitate adults very quickly from words to actions. Parents should also eat a lot of vegetables so that their children can eat them too. Let's start with vegetables first, then fish.
Above all, parents also need to be patient to learn the habit of eating vegetables for their children. Wish all parents will successfully train their children to have good vegetable eating habits.
To help children reach important developmental milestones. In addition to the nutritional diet, parents should supplement their children with supporting products containing lysine, essential micro-minerals and vitamins such as zinc, chromium, selenium, and B vitamins to help fully meet their nutritional needs. in children. At the same time, these essential vitamins also support digestion, enhance nutrient absorption, help improve anorexia, help children eat well, and develop comprehensively.
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Reference source: cih.com.vn

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