When should varicocele surgery be performed?

Varicose veins are not too dangerous disease, nor cause too much pain for the patient. Surgery is one of the effective treatments for varicose veins.

1. When should varicocele surgery?

In some cases of mild varicocele, the patient can be treated medically. For more severe cases, the patient will be indicated for surgery to get the most effective treatment.
Varicocele is indicated for interventional treatment only when the wife can reproduce normally and the husband has abnormal semen index. Patients with symptoms of pain or discomfort, and a difference in testicle size will be prescribed surgery by a specialist. In addition, surgery is also indicated in cases of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation...
Patients with varicocele after successful surgery will have very good results, improve in quantity sperm quality. Specifically, the effect was expressed in 69% of natural pregnancies in 2 years after surgery. Cases of azoospermia due to varicocele have up to 50% of sperm reappearance after surgery
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2. Current surgical methods of varicocele

The surgical method of varicocele is performed in many hospitals to tighten the varicocele to treat varicose veins. This surgery will meet the following requirements:
Manage the entire vas deferens system Preserve the internal seminal artery and vas deferens - If the lesion will atrophy the testicles after surgery Preserve the tube integrity There are many surgical techniques for varicose veins applied such as:
Laparoscopic surgery to ligation of the varicocele in the possibility of recurrence of surgery, similar to retroperitoneal surgery. Interventional embolization is usually more expensive and has a recurrence rate of 4-11%. Intraperitoneal ligation surgery with open surgery has a recurrence rate of 7-33%, while in children is 15-45% Traditional surgery through the inguinal, scrotum is less complicated but has the highest recurrence rate Microsurgery inguinal line requires surgeons trained in microsurgery techniques, with modern equipment, with a surgery time of 2-3 hours. However, the surgical results are high, the recurrence rate is low.
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Currently, most patients are consulted, and choose endovascular intervention method because of a number of advantages such as:
No incision in the groin and scrotum No damage to the vas deferens. The treatment effect is equivalent to surgery, including both local efficacy and infertility treatment. Short hospital stay and return to daily activities (<24 hours) Can be embolized for both sides with only 1 venous access (with surgery, to ligate the seminal plexus on both sides, two skin incisions must be made, respectively, 2 inguinal - scrotum). No need for leather sutures. Only local anesthetic is required in the common femoral vein. No need for general or spinal anesthesia.

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