Manbo plus medicine uses

Manbo plus is used to improve eye health. Before taking Manbo plus, you should check your health so that your doctor can evaluate the indications for taking the drug. The following is some information about the drug Manbo plus.

1. Uses of the drug Manbo plus

The eye is the organ that helps humans see and evaluate the color and shape of things. When having eye problems will affect the perception of images. Therefore, Manbo plus is used to improve the condition of diseases that often appear in the eyes. You can use the drug in the following cases:
Myopia . Chicken noodle. Loss of vision after a long time studying and working. Visual impairment due to retinal degeneration. Retinal disease. Complications of diabetes. Eye conditions may be considered for treatment with Manbo plus. Before taking Manbo plus, you should follow the instructions from your pharmacist or doctor. Manbo plus is not used arbitrarily to avoid unintended effects due to unforeseen interactions.

2. Dosage and how to use Manbo plus

Manbo plus is made in the form of soft capsules for oral use. In addition to some active ingredients, Manbo plus also provides vitamins and excipients to help improve eye health. Therefore, the dose used should follow the regulation not to use contrary to the indicated dose to reduce the risk of bad interactions.
Indicated dosage of the drug does not discriminate because it is a food supplement. If your doctor allows you to use it, you can refer to the dose of 3 tablets / day. Use 3 times a day and make sure the interval between uses is even. In addition, it is recommended to treat for at least 2 weeks with medication and monitor the condition.
Manbo plus can be used for a long time if it is effective but has not reached the initial desire. The continued use of Manbo plus should be prescribed by a doctor with specific instructions to ensure its use.

3. Notes before taking Manbo plus

Manbo plus has ingredients that contain vitamins A and D, so it should be noted to avoid using it in subjects with excess nutrients. In addition, patients should carefully check the active ingredients and excipients of the drug before taking. If you find that there is a risk of an allergic reaction or an effect on any of the ingredients of the drug, immediately notify your doctor to consider adjusting or changing the drug more suitable.
The content of vitamin A in the body is regulated according to the standards of the Ministry of Health. The drug should not be used if you are taking vitamin A supplements. Avoid causing dangerous overdose of vitamin A. Especially women in the first 3 months of pregnancy should note that they should not take more than 10,000 IU of vitamin A to avoid fetal malformations. Before pregnancy, you should check your nutrition and body mass index to control early detection and avoid using extra vitamin A that is harmful to the formation of fetal organs.
According to records from patients who work around machines or drive cars, no abnormalities have been detected so far. However, do not be subjective when taking the drug. Although the drug can provide a sufficient amount of nutrients for the body, users should still maintain a reasonable work and rest regime.

4. Side effects of the drug Manbo plus

Manbo plus side effects often appear due to the effects of excess vitamin A. Patients should not take Manbo plus for a long time without regular testing. According to research, an excess of vitamin A due to prolonged use of high doses can cause poisoning for patients. With new patients taking the drug may appear some symptoms such as:
Vomiting. Queasy. Tired. Transient or rare side effects are not subjective. You can detect side effects by symptoms, so prevent side effects that don't show up. To prevent all dangers of Manbo plus, you should notify your doctor or regularly check your health when there are abnormal symptoms.

5. Manbo plus drug interactions

Manbo plus has been reported to have a risk of re-interacting with Levodopa. Preparations containing L-Dopa should be used with caution when used with Manbo plus. In addition, women who are using oral contraceptives should also ask their doctor about interactions with Manbo plus pills. Manbo plus contains vitamin E, so it is necessary to avoid antagonism between vitamin E and vitamin K when used together.
The ability to absorb vitamin E is affected when the body absorbs large amounts of mineral oil. In addition, hormonal contraceptives, Cholestyramine, Neomycin and liquid paraffin should be avoided to avoid interactions that reduce the body's ability to absorb vitamin A.
The interaction of Manbo plus with food and other drugs is quite complicated. It is difficult to specifically assess all the interactions that will occur. In order to ensure that there are no bad interactions, patients need to check their health regularly and ask their doctor in advance when they want to use the drug for instructions and appropriate dosage adjustment.
Manbo plus is a medicine that improves eye health by reducing symptoms of eye diseases. However, the drug can be toxic if used incorrectly. Please consult a medical professional before use to ensure the safety of the drug.

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