Sensa cools medicine uses

On hot summer days, our bodies appear to have conditions such as heat in the mouth, boils, urticaria, ... because of the heat in the body. One of the solutions to help purify toxins and increase resistance to keep your body cool is Sensa cools.

1. What are Sensa cools?

Sensa cools is a product that helps the body cool down, is made in the form of an easy-to-drink powder and is produced by modern technology in a closed process. Combined from traditional herbs to produce a finished product packed into a box of 6 packs, each pack with a content of 7g has the following specific ingredients:
Lemon extract 0.35 g: Lemon contains many vitamins , minerals , electrolytes . It has the effect of providing water to the body, purging toxins that have accumulated for a long time inside and out. Cinnamon bark 0.1 g: Has high anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Helps the body strengthen resistance, remove disease-causing factors from the body and effectively cool the mucosa. Vitamin C 0.9 g: Cools the mucosa, enhances the body's resistance. Sucrose: 3.14 g. Alyxia Stellata Extract: 1.05 g. Sensa Cools is an herbal product extracted from natural herbs. Therefore, this is a very safe product for users and helps the body clear heat and detoxify effectively.

2. What are Sensa cools used for?

Detoxify heat
The product contains ingredients that have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying the body. Therefore, Sensa cools helps to relieve heat symptoms such as body heat, mouth sores, mouth sores, sore throat, dry skin, pimples, urticaria, hoarseness, etc. At the same time, with easy lemon flavor extract Suitable for all ages, especially children.
Increase body resistance
Together with Alyxia Stellata extract, cinnamon bark. Sensa Cools adds an abundant amount of Vitamin C from nature, helps improve the resistance of immune cells, helps the body eliminate disease-causing factors, fight wound infections, and increase energy metabolism. cells, heal scars, strengthen immunity and help the body avoid harmful factors from the outside.

3. Usage- Dosage Sensa cools

How to use Sensa cools:
Sensa cools is prepared in the form of a soluble effervescent powder, it is recommended to use the medicine by dissolving it with 150ml of water, preferably boiled and cooled water. More delicious cold drink. Then, use a spoon to stir until the powder is completely dissolved in the water. The product after mixing should be consumed as soon as possible. To prevent loss of soda content and other active ingredients contained in the formulation. Dosage Sensa cools:
For cases from 12 years old and above: 1 pack/time, dose 2-3 times/day. Under 12 years old: use half a pack/time, dose 2-3 times/day.

4. Notes on using Sensa cools

Sensa cools powder is not a medicine, so it has no therapeutic function. Dosage depends on different age groups. Therefore, it should be noted before use. Do not use Sensa cools when the package is torn, moldy, or has changed in taste or color. If there is any allergy related to the ingredients of Sensa cools, absolutely do not use the product. Sensa cools is a natural product that contains ingredients derived from nature, so no side effects have occurred. However, if during use you have unwanted effects, you can immediately notify your doctor for timely support. Especially pregnant women need to use it if there are abnormal conditions.

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