Uses of Anasept

Anasept is a product used topically with antibacterial effects, preventing the growth or treating infected skin wounds. Let's learn about the use of Anasept through the article below.

1. What are the effects of Anasept?

Anasept medicine with the main active ingredient is sodium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite, which is prepared for topical use. The chemical formula of Sodium hypochlorite is NaClO.
Anasept is a drug that works against bacteria. Anasept is used externally to treat or prevent infections caused by cuts or abrasions, skin ulcers, pressure sores, diabetic foot ulcers, or surgery.

2. How to use Anasept

You should read and follow all instructions on the medicine label. Do not use Anasept in large or small amounts or for longer than recommended by the manufacturer. Some notes on how to use Anasept:
Apply or pour a sufficient amount of this medicine on the affected skin area. To treat a wound or sore on the skin, apply Anasept by pouring it directly onto the wound. You can also soak a piece of gauze and apply it to the wound, the time to apply the gauze depends on the wound. Before using this medicine, you can apply Vaseline to the surrounding skin of the wound so that the medicine does not penetrate the healthy skin. After taking the medicine, close the bottle cap tightly. Store the medicine at room temperature, away from moisture, heat and direct light. Do not allow the medicine to freeze. Note: Do not swallow or use the medicine near the eyes. If the medicine gets into the eyes, rinse thoroughly and consult a doctor. If you accidentally swallow this medicine, go to a medical facility immediately for treatment.
If you forget to take your medicine, take it as soon as you remember. Or just take the next dose and skip the one you forgot.

3. Side effects of the drug Anasept

When taking Anasept you may experience some side effects including:
Allergic reactions: Rash; hives; shortness of breath ; swelling of the face, lips, swelling of the tongue or swelling of the throat... if you experience these side effects, you need to stop taking the drug and immediately go to a medical facility for timely emergency care. Stop using Anasept and call your doctor at once if you have severe redness or skin irritation; There is no improvement in the skin condition or the pain or swelling is new and getting worse.

4. Precautions when using Anasept

You should not use Anasept if you are sensitive to chlorine-containing products, such as bleach. Do not use if known allergy to this medicine. For pregnant women, it is not known whether Anasept will harm an unborn baby. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant. It is not known whether sodium hypochlorite topical passes into breast milk. It is best not to take it at the same time as breastfeeding. You should talk to your doctor for consideration before taking. When using Anasept you should avoid getting the medicine on your clothes or bed linen. Because Anasept can bleach colored fabrics. Long-term use is not recommended, especially when there is no sign of improvement in the lesions. It is necessary to re-examine so that the doctor can prescribe a more suitable medication. Although the drug is used topically, interactions sometimes occur. You need to talk to your doctor about any medications you are taking and read the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Remember, keep this medicine out of the reach of children. Hopefully, through the article you know what Anasept is and how to use it. If you have any questions, you should consult your pharmacist or doctor to better understand the medicine.

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