Uses of Andoroxic

Andoroxic is formulated as a film-coated tablet with the main ingredient in each tablet consisting of 300mg of Cefdinir. So what is Andoroxic and how does it work?

1. Uses of Andoroxic

The main ingredient of Andoroxic 300 is Cefdinir, this is a 3rd generation antibiotic of the Cephalosporin group, it is used mainly in the treatment of infections sensitive to Cefdinir. This antibiotic has a broad antibacterial spectrum. Cefdinir inhibits bacterial cell wall synthesis by binding to one or more Penicillin Proteins (PBPs). This active ingredient is highly stable and resistant to the beta-lactamase-degrading enzyme secreted by gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.
Andoroxic 300 is indicated in cases of mild and moderate infections caused by microorganisms sensitive to Cefdinir, including:
Upper respiratory tract infections such as: rhinitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis , otitis media. Lower respiratory tract infections such as laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, bronchiolitis and pneumonia. Skin and skin structure infections such as folliculitis, boils, subcutaneous abscesses, impetigo, periungitis. Genitourinary tract infections. Gynecological infections. Prophylaxis of postoperative infections. Andoroxic 300 is contraindicated in the following cases:
People with hypersensitivity to any component of Andoroxic drug. Children under 6 months old. Note when using Andoroxic drug in the following cases:
There are no adequate studies on the use of Andoroxic during pregnancy. Therefore, only use Andoroxic drugs in cases of absolute necessity, it is necessary to consult a doctor before use. Andoroxic is not excreted in breast milk. However, it has not been reported that Andoroxic has any other effects, so consult your doctor before using. Andoroxic has no or negligible influence on the ability to drive or use machines.

2. Dosage and how to take Andoroxic

How to use Andoroxic drug is as follows:
Andoroxic drug is used orally. Andoroxic can be taken during or after meals. The dosage of Andoroxic drug depends on the condition and age of the patient. Andoroxic 300mg dose is recommended for use in specific subjects as follows:
Adults and children over 12 years: Community-acquired pneumonia, skin and skin structure infections, acute sinusitis: Use Use dose 1 tablet / time x 2 times / day, continuously for 10 days. Chronic bronchitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis: Use 1 tablet/time x 2 times/day, continuously for 5-10 days. Children 6 months - 12 years: The recommended dose for all infections is 14mg/kg/day. The maximum dose is 600mg / day, taking the drug within 10 days. Patients with renal impairment (clearance <30ml/min): Use 1 tablet/day. If you forget to take a dose of Andoroxic, take it as soon as you remember as soon as possible. If it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and continue taking Andoroxic as directed. Do not take 2 doses of Andoroxic at the same time.
When using Andoroxic drug overdose, you may experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain, convulsions. When you see abnormal symptoms as above, you should immediately contact your doctor, pharmacist for symptomatic treatment and timely supportive treatment.

3. Andoroxic side effects

During the use of Andoroxic 300 you may encounter some side effects of the drug.
Common side effects of Andoroxic include:
Diarrhea ; Nausea, vomiting; Stomachache; Headache ; Rash; Vaginitis. Rare side effects of Andoroxic include:
Stomach upset; Anorexic ; Constipation; Headache; Dizzy; Chest tightness ; Stomatitis; Fungal infections; Vitamin K deficiency; Leukopenia; Increase liver enzymes. Very rare side effects of Andoroxic include:
Hypersensitivity such as rash, red swelling, rash,...; Enteritis; Interstitial pneumonia. If you see any unusual symptoms while using Andoroxic, please notify your doctor immediately or go to the nearest medical facility to receive timely support from medical staff.

4. Interactions with other drugs

The use of Andoroxic together with gastric acid neutralizers containing aluminum, magnesium and iron-containing products will reduce the absorption of Cefdinir, thereby reducing the bioavailability of the drug. Concomitant administration of Andoroxic with Probenecid inhibits renal excretion of Cefdinir. When taking Andoroxic will give a false positive result when testing urine glucose with Benedict or Fehling reagent. Andoroxic also causes a false-positive reaction with the direct Coomb test. Above is information about the uses, dosage and precautions when using Andoroxic. To ensure safety for your health and maximize the effectiveness of your treatment, you need to take Andoroxic exactly as directed by your doctor. Store Opetradol at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

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