What is Npluvico?

Npluvico is a well-known drug for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. So what is Npluvico? How to use? The following article will help readers answer these questions.

1. What is Npluvico?

Brand name: Npluvico
Npluvico with ingredients such as: 100mg dried ginkgo leaf extract, 300mg dried ginseng root extract. Indicated in cases of cerebral circulatory failure, peripheral circulatory disorders, arterial disease of the lower extremities, Raynaud's syndrome, cold numbness and cyanosis of the extremities.
Npluvico medicine is made in the form of a red-brown soft capsule. They are packaged in blisters of 10 tablets, each box of 3 blisters.
2. What does Npluvico do? Npluvico drug is effective in the treatment of the following diseases:
Cerebral circulatory failure: The patient has manifestations such as dizziness, headache, memory and cognitive impairment or movement or emotional disturbances; Used for patients with optic nerve disorders, visual disorders such as retinopathy; Indications for the treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases such as tinnitus, hearing loss; Has the effect of preventing and slowing the progression of Alzheimer's disease in the elderly; Used in cases of peripheral circulatory disorders; Npluvico is also indicated for people with lower extremity artery disease; Raynaud's syndrome; Cases of cold numbness and cyanosis of the extremities are also prescribed Npluvico drug for treatment.
Thuốc Npluvico
Thuốc Npluvico có tác dụng trong điều trị suy tuần hoàn não

3. How to use and dosage of Npluvico

How to use:
Npluvico is prepared in tablet form, so it should be taken orally. The drug is used as prescribed by the doctor, can be used alone or in combination with other drugs. Take the medicine twice a day, 1-2 tablets each time, depending on the condition of the disease. Usually, patients take the drug for 1 to 4 weeks to improve cerebral circulation. However, in the case of treatment of sequelae due to cerebrovascular accident, it can be used for a long time. Dosage:
For adults, take Npluvico 2 times a day, 1-2 tablets per day. For children, the dose is usually less than for adults. Take 1 pill once a day. Note, the drug is only used for children 12 years of age and older. Missed dose:
If the patient misses a dose, continue taking the next dose at the same time and dose. Never take a booster to make up for a missed dose because it can lead to an overdose. Overdose:
If the patient shows signs of overdose, stop taking the drug and immediately contact a doctor or take him to the nearest medical facility for timely treatment. At the same time, bring a list of drugs and functional products that the patient has used and give it to the doctor for the best emergency plan.

4. Npluvico side effects

During the course of taking the drug, the patient may also appear some unwanted side effects. Includes: Allergies, rash, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, dizziness, headache, drowsiness. In addition to the above symptoms, there may be other signs. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the patient carefully after taking the drug for timely treatment.
5. Drug interactions Npluvico may decrease the effectiveness of some medications or increase side effects. Therefore, it is necessary to inform your doctor about the medications that you are taking to have the most appropriate indication. In particular, patients should not arbitrarily change the dose without the permission of the doctor.
In addition, food, drink and health conditions can also affect the effects of Npluvico, especially alcohol or stimulant drinks. Therefore, it is necessary to inform the doctor about the health problems you are having and the precautions in eating.
6. Notes when taking Npluvico To limit the side effects and drug interactions that occur, before taking Npluvico, the patient should inform the doctor the following information:
Drugs, substances, foods that you are allergic; Tell your doctor if you are taking any medications, supplements or herbs; Notify doctors and dentists about taking Npluvico before surgery; Pregnant or lactating women should not take Npluvico. Pregnant women only use drugs when absolutely necessary and under the guidance of a doctor; Npluvico should not be given to children under 12 years of age.
Npluvico có thể làm giảm hiệu lực của một số loại thuốc hay tăng tác dụng phụ

7. Preservation of Npluvico

Prescribing medicine is a very important step. Improper storage will reduce the effectiveness of the drug, even damage. Therefore, attention should be paid to this step. Npluvico should be stored at room temperature, away from moisture and direct sunlight. Medicines should be kept in a high place, out of reach of children.
Above is useful information about the drug Npluvico and its uses. Hopefully after this article, readers have had more useful information about Npluvico for safe and effective use.

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