Vinmec Phu Quoc International Hospital

  • Leading doctors and medical experts with high expertise who care for patients devotedly and
  • whole-heartedly.
  • Comprehensive and professional medical examination, consultation and treatment.
  • Modern medical equipment which support diagnosis and efficient treatment. Vinmec is the leading healthcare system in Vietnam owning the state-of –art facilities, the equipments are imported from the leading medical equipment suppliers in the world.
  • Modern, premium medical space with maximum sterilization.
  • Modern and efficient model of management sharing and connecting online database.
  • Vinmec has big cooperation programs, regularly invite the world’s leading medical experts to examine and treat for patients.
Our Doctors

10 specialties of Vinmec Phu Quoc always coordinate and apply many approaches to modern healthcare to provide the best treatment results

1. Emergency Department

  • Emergency Department of Vinmec Phu Quoc opens 24/24 on all days of the week (including Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)
  • Invested in the ventilator system, the monitoring system, Drager Gas Management system; NO gas system for mechanical ventilation; aortic balloon pump; operative room and anesthesia machine for emergency treatment of multiple injuries

2. Gintestinal endoscopy Unit

  • OLYMPUS CV-180 video endoscope system

3. Imaging and Radiology Department

  • The first and the most modern 1.5 Tesla MRI system in Phu Quoc Island in particular and in the West region in general
  • CT scanner 128 slice, 2 ultrasound machines LOGIQ S8, VIVID T8. The equipment by GE - one of the 10 most valuable supply brands in the world
  • Digital Radiography system and modern ultrasound machine (4D transducer, obstetric ultrasound transducer, heart ultrasound transducer...)

4. Department of Pediatrics:

  • Along with the system of separate consultation rooms, Vinmec Phu Quoc has a playground for children to play comfortably and to familiarize themselves with the environment of the hospital


5. Pharmacy: consulting, supervis-ing the safety use of drugs,rational use of drugs, monitoring,inspecting, evaluating and supervising of safety use of drug.

6. Laboratory:

7. Hematological analysis, biochemical analysis, immunoassay system

Specialities (1)

1. Những dịch vụ mũi nhọn của bệnh viện:

  • Chăm sóc thai sản trọn gói và Dịch vụ đẻ trọn gói
  • Hồi sức cấp cứu
  • Vaccine
  • Nội tim mạch
  • Sơ sinh và nhi khoa
  • Sơ sinh và nhi khoa
  • Ngoại tiêu hóa
  • Ngoại tiết niệu
  • Ngoại chấn thương chỉnh hình
  • Khám bệnh và nội tổng hợp
  • Siêu âm Chụp X – quang
  • Chụp Cắt lớp vi tính (CT)
  • Chụp Cộng hưởng từ (MRI).

2. Các gói khám thực hiện tại Vinmec Phú Quốc:

  • Gói thai sản (27 tuần, 12 tuần)
  • Gói khám Sức khỏe sinh sản Nữ (IVF)
  • Gói vaccine cho trẻ em (0-1t, 0-2t)
  • Gói khám sức khỏe trẻ em
  • Các gói khám SKTQ cho cá nhân và khám SKTQ cho công ty/ban ngành
  • Các gói khám sàng lọc tim mạch và tăng huyết áp
  • Các gói khám sàng lọc ung thư phụ khoa (ung thư vú, ung thư cổ tử cung, ung thư buồng trứng)
  • Các gói khám sàng lọc ung thư khác (ung thư phổi, ung thư gan, ung thư tuyến tiền liệt)
  • Gói khám sàng lọc đái tháo đường, tăng mỡ máu
  • Gói Quản Lý Ngoại Trú Đái Tháo Đường
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