What are the benefits of drinking hot coconut water?

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Drinking hot coconut water can provide the body with many necessary nutrients, and at the same time prevent and support to reverse some disease risks. However, to achieve optimal health benefits and avoid side effects, you should drink heated coconut water properly in the right dosage.

1. What are the benefits of drinking hot coconut water?

Drinking hot coconut water has been researched to prove that it has a refreshing effect and provides the necessary nutrients for the body, helping to reverse many health problems. Coconut water contains a large amount of cytokinin - a group of plant hormones (including dihydrozeatin, kinetin, trans-zeatin, gibberellins). These substances have antioxidant, anticoagulant, slow down the aging process and significantly prevent risk factors for cancer.
In addition, drinking boiled coconut water immediately when warm provides a range of essential micronutrients such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, copper, zinc and selenium. Therefore, this is considered an effective rehydration drink, helping to replenish electrolytes lost when maintaining body functions as well as excreting through sweat. Drinking hot coconut water is also recommended by many doctors and experts for people in weak health, especially patients with COVID-19.
Not only that, coconut water also provides a large amount of amino acids, fats, sugars, enzymes, vitamin C and B vitamins. effect of a number of biochemical reactions, while helping to maintain normal physiological functions taking place in the body.
Besides, drinking hot coconut water regularly also helps you treat kidney stones, lower cholesterol, stimulate reproduction, stimulate immunity and rehydrate in case of sports or diarrhea. Thanks to the above uses, coconut water is gradually being used by many people as a remedy to effectively control high blood pressure, thereby preventing the risk of heart attack.

2. What are the benefits of drinking coconut water with ginger alum sugar?

So what are the health benefits of drinking coconut water combined with ginger and rock sugar? As mentioned above, coconut water contains many important nutrients, which help strengthen the immune system, improve skin, repel digestive problems and effectively clear heat.
As for ginger, this is both a spice and a precious medicine in Eastern medicine. Ginger has a warm and spicy taste due to the compounds shogaol, zingerone and gingerol. In addition, fresh ginger also contains volatile components in essential oils, including curcumene, zingiberenol, zingiberene, geraniol (accounting for 1-3% of the weight of fresh ginger). Ginger is often used in folk remedies with many uses such as anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, lowering blood sugar, antibacterial, preventing cancer and regulating the immune system.
In Traditional Medicine, fresh ginger is considered a precious medicine, capable of warming the body, relieving pain, curing colds, stimulating digestion, anti-vomiting and treating abdominal pain caused by welding very effectively. However, you should only use ginger in moderation, avoid consuming more than 6g / day because it can lead to side effects such as chest heat, mild diarrhea, ginger dust allergy or upset stomach. Additionally, taking high doses of ginger can lead to interactions with anticoagulants, such as warfarin.
To strengthen resistance against many diseases, you can drink coconut water combined with ginger and rock sugar. According to research, rock sugar is a type of sugar that is prepared and crystallized from cane sugar, with the main ingredient being sucrose. This type of sugar is mainly used to process food, make tea, and as a remedy for sore throats and coughs. However, the sucrose composition in rock sugar is similar to regular refined sugar, so consuming a lot can lead to health problems like diabetes, obesity, heart disease or some dental diseases. .
From the above analysis, it can be seen that drinking coconut water with ginger alum sugar can create a special formula, providing essential nutrients for the body, and at the same time helping to enhance the health of the immune system. similar to other nutritious drinks. However, in the process of using this combination medicine, you need to pay attention to use it in a moderate dose, to avoid abuse or overdose.
In addition, to improve the effectiveness in improving health as well as repel diseases of the method of drinking coconut water with ginger alum sugar, you should also follow a healthy lifestyle, balance between rest - work – physical activity. During the current outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is extremely necessary to stay healthy and take preventive measures in combination with the addition of supportive drinks.

3. How to make ginger coconut water with rock sugar to improve health

3.1 Prepare ingredients To make a recipe for coconut water, you need to have the following ingredients ready:
Coconut: One Ginger: 20g Alum sugar: 20g Tips for choosing a standard coconut: You should choose coconut has an even green shell, not too young / old, not crushed and weighs only 1 - 1.5 kg (large coconuts often have light water). Avoid choosing coconuts with yellow or brown skin because they are likely to have been aged for a long time. Ideally, you should use Siamese coconut to cook ginger coconut water with alum sugar because the taste will be more delicious and sweet.
Tips for choosing standard ginger: When choosing to buy ginger, you should choose tubers with many veins, rough skin and divided into many small branches. This is a type of Vietnamese ginger, usually with a more characteristic spicy taste and aroma. Avoid buying ginger with smooth skin, few veins and easy to peel, because this is Chinese ginger.
Tips for choosing standard rock sugar: Rock sugar usually includes yellow rock sugar and white rock sugar. You should choose yellow rock sugar because it has a natural sweet taste, moreover it contains high nutritional content and the dissolution rate is also faster than white rock sugar.
3.2. Here are the steps to help you successfully process ginger coconut water in combination with rock sugar to improve resistance and prevent diseases. Specifically:
Step 1: Flap the coconut shell lid to get water, then wash the ginger, shave it and cut it into thin slices. Step 2: Pour the coconut water into the pot, then add the sliced ​​ginger and add 20g of rock sugar to boil on the stove for 5-10 minutes. When the water boils, turn off the stove and use it while the water is still warm.

4. How should I drink coconut water with ginger alum sugar?

Although drinking hot coconut water with rock sugar and ginger can provide the body with electrolytes, minerals and strengthen the immune system, you should not consume more than necessary. According to recommendations from nutritionists, the amount of coconut water for people with normal health is from 1-2 cups / day. For people with weak health or medical conditions such as diabetes, low blood pressure, electrolyte disorders or kidney failure, they should discuss with their doctor about the appropriate amount of coconut water.
Here are some cases where you should not drink coconut water with ginger alum sugar, including:
People with COVID-19 have symptoms such as shortness of breath, a lot of cold, thin / thick sputum, fatigue, bloating, slow digestion, People with COVID-19 have symptoms of high fever, sweating, low blood pressure or cold hands and feet. Obese people with COVID-19 have symptoms of bloating, poor digestion or fatigue after eating. People with high glycemic index, the elderly, weak or debilitated. Hopefully, the above sharing has brought you more information about a safe and healthy drink.

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