Vinmec Da Nang International Hospital

  • Leading doctors and medical experts with high expertise who care for patients devotedly and whole-heartedly.
  • Comprehensive and professional medical examination, consultation and treatment.
  • Vinmec is a leading health-care system in Vietnam with state-of-the-art facilities and advanced equipment from the world's leading medical equipment suppliers, supporting diagnosis and efficient treatment.
  • Modern, premium medical space with maximum sterilization.
  • Management, connection of the online database, modern for optimal efficiency.
  • Vinmec is the first and only private healthcare system in
  • Vietnam with 02 hospitals achieved JCI accreditation–the strictest criteria in patient safety in the world.
Our Doctors

1. Operating room

  • Hybrid operating room with advanced medical imaging system, sterile environment to ensure success for heart surgery and major surgery, endoscopic surgery.
  • HD image transmission system and audio online for remote support.
  • Read the medical report on the touchscreen.

2. Imaging and RadiologyDepartment

  • 3.0 Tesla MRI with silent technology for noise reduction.
  • Nam CT scanner 640 with highest slices in Vietnam
  • Other modern equipment supporting the examination and treatment of eye diseases, maxillary dental disease, ear nose and throat disease.

3. Cardiology:

  • 4D advanced cardiac Ultrasound allows comprehen-sive evaluation of the cardiac muscle tissue.
  • Holter ECG monitor, Ambulatory blood pressure monitor holter 24h-72h

4. Obstetrics & Gynecology

  • 3D, 4D Ultrasound machine,Voluson E6, E10
  • 3 high-class delivery rooms with the most modern equipment,supporting safe birth process

5. Laboratory

  • Fully-automatic and semi-au-tomatic test analyses system.

6. Endoscopy Unit

  • Endoscopic equipment of the Olympus
  • Argon plasma coagulation
  • Modern recovery room
Specialities (1)
  1. Bảo hiểm Bảo Việt 

  2. Insurance Bảo Minh

  3. Electric Postal (PTI)

  4. PVI

  5. PJICO

  6. Tổng công ty Bảo hiểm BIDV

  7. Military team (MIC)

  8. Liberty Insurance

  9. Telecom Telecom (VASS)

  10. Global Insurance (GIC)

  11. Samsung Vina

  12. Bảo hiểm Xuân Thành

  13. Prudential

  14. Bảo hiểm Manulife Việt nam

  15. AIG Vietnam

  16. Bảo hiểm Bao Viet Tokio Marine

  17. Bảo hiểm Baoviet Interglobal

  18. Bảo hiểm Wellbe Viet Nam

  19. Bảo hiểm Insmart Vietnam

  20. Bảo hiểm Pacific Cross (Bluecross)

  21. Bảo hiểm Bảo hiểm Nam Á (SAS)

  22. Bảo hiểm Trails of Indochina

  23. Bảo hiểm Asian Assistance (Thailand)

  24. Bảo hiểm Assistance Alliance (International)

  25. Bảo hiểm Aetna International Inc

  26. Bảo hiểm Cigna International Corp & Vanbreda

  27. Bảo hiểm Infinity Assist

  28. Bảo hiểm Prestige Pte Ltd

  29. Bảo hiểm Europ Assistance

  30. Bảo hiểm Euro-Center

  31. Bảo hiểm Henner-GMC

  32. Bảo hiểm AXA Assistance Russia

  33. Bảo hiểm Healix

  34. Bảo hiểm William Russel

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