Underarm liposuction and what you need to know

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On the body can accumulate excess fat in many different areas such as abdomen, thighs, armpits ... in which excess fat in the armpit under the arm makes us lose confidence when wearing open shoulder, open clothes. armpit. When you can't lose fat with traditional methods, you can think of removing excess fat from the armpit area with armpit liposuction.

1. What is armpit liposuction?

Axillary liposuction is a method of separating fat into small molecules and then sucking it out to remove underarm fat in the most effective way. Armpit fat makes women feel self-conscious when wearing off-shoulder clothes, revealing uncharacteristically unattractive fat. Before the increasing demand for beauty, so the cosmetic method of armpit liposuction was born.
Like liposuction in other areas of the body, today's armpit liposuction becomes more and more modern and optimal, less invasive and offers higher safety.

2. When should and shouldn't liposuction underarm?

Underarm liposuction is an option for anyone who wants to lose fat effectively but cannot lose weight through traditional methods such as diet or exercise.
A person with an indication of abdominal liposuction such as:
This method is suitable for both men and women in cases over 18 years old and in a good mental state, without stress. Excess fat area, loose, forming folds, there are stretch marks in the armpits, this condition does not improve despite trying many measures. People with congenital obesity, underarms and shoulders have a lot of excess fat. Those who want to lose excess fat in the armpit area quickly. Contraindications to armpit liposuction:
Heart disease, blood pressure, blood clotting dysfunction, severe diabetes. Have a history or unstable neurological disease. Women who are pregnant, breast-feeding or menstruating Are taking anticoagulants such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen...
Người mắc bệnh lý tim mạch không nên hút mỡ nách
Người mắc bệnh lý tim mạch không nên hút mỡ nách

3. Is armpit liposuction dangerous?

In fact, armpit liposuction is considered a surgical method that also has potential risks of complications such as pain after liposuction, the area of ​​excess liposuction is not beautiful, excessive liposuction causes too much suction, complications due to anesthesia, bleeding...
However, with the outstanding development of modern technology, the risk of complications has been significantly reduced, very rarely causing dangerous complications.
In order to minimize possible complications, you should choose a reputable facility, perform the correct professional process, never skip the examination and testing step to eliminate the risk of complications, safe maximum for customers.
Thus, armpit liposuction can also be as dangerous as other surgeries, but it is necessary to carefully examine and choose a reputable facility to minimize the risk of possible complications during and after. when performing surgery.

4. How is the armpit liposuction procedure?

The standard procedure of armpit liposuction includes steps such as:
Step 1 Visit and advise the customer: This is an important step that cannot be ignored before conducting liposuction under the armpit or any other position. The doctor conducts an examination and evaluation of excess fat in the armpit area to suggest the most appropriate technique to optimize fat removal. After choosing the right technique for the customer, we will consult and answer the liposuction procedure so that the customer understands and feels safe before confirming the implementation. Step 2 Health checkup This step is an indispensable step in the implementation process, the doctor will measure vital parameters, ask medical history, current drugs and conduct blood sampling to check to answer the question. meet the new health criteria indicated liposuction. Step 3 Performing anesthesia: This will help the client feel painless during the entire liposuction procedure. The painless method is sedation or regional anaesthesia, depending on the method performed. Step 4 Perform liposuction: Depending on the selected method of removing excess fat, liposuction will be performed for the client's armpit. Step 5 Closing the wound and taking the client to the postoperative room to rest is the last step after liposuction.
Quy trình hút mỡ nách
Quy trình hút mỡ nách cầng được thực hiện cẩn thận và chính xác

5. Notes after armpit liposuction

After liposuction in the armpit, the customer should note the following:
Clean the incision area daily with physiological saline 0.9% NaCl, then cover with sterile medical gauze. Use the ruler as prescribed by your doctor. If there is pain, you can take more pain relievers as prescribed. After 2 days of surgery, you can take a shower but do not let water splash into the open wound area, to avoid infection. During the rest time at home, you should rest in a clean and ventilated environment, clean the house, prepare adequate bed sheets and pillows, so that the house has soft room light,... Take care of your health. , should not do hard work during rest time, sleep on time and get enough sleep. Can walk to increase blood circulation. Re-examination and thread trimming as directed by the doctor. When the health is stable, about 3 to 4 weeks, you can participate in sports, but choose moderate and gentle exercises. Healthy eating plan: Avoid the use of fast food, high in animal fat Animals and foods that cause bad scars such as water spinach, beef, chicken, eggs, seafood, sticky rice. Drink enough water for the body every day, do not use stimulants such as alcohol, beer, coffee and do not smoke. Axillary liposuction is a quick way to remove excess fat for those who have a lot of excess fat in the armpit area, but all non-invasive methods are ineffective. However, this is nonetheless a surgical intervention that may have a small potential but also carries a risk of complications. You should consider choosing a reputable address to be safest for yourself.

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