JCI Accreditation - Gold standard in health care

The Joint Commission International’s Gold Seal of Approval® awarded to Vinmec confirmed the hospital’s outstanding effort in providing high quality health care services for patients. At Vinmec:

  • Patient safety is top priority. Incidents and risks related to the safety of patients and staff are both evaluated and analyzed. Based on that, the hospital will have action plan for quality improvement accordingly. Staffs are assured of a safe working environment so that they can serve and bring highest satisfaction to customers.
  • Patient’s conditions are evaluated continuously, before, during and after diagnosis and treatment.
  • Patients are allowed to consider their treatment options thoroughly to ensure the most suitable and effective option for each individual is selected.
  • Patients and their families are entitled to educational activities and communication on health care
  • Patient’s rights and obligations, including privacy right, pschycological, cultural, religion needs of the patients and their family are emphasized and respected.
  • Patients and medical staffs are protected against infection risks.
  • Medical staffs are trained to be ready emergency situations.
r. Prabhu Vinayagam - CEO of JCI Asia - Pacific (right) officially awarded JCI accreditation to Vinmec Times City International Hospital, 2015
Vinmec Central Park is the 2nd hospital of Vinmec has achieved JCI accreditation after 15 months operation

Who is JCI and how important accreditation means to hospitals?

Founded in 1994 by The Joint Commission, Joint Commission International (JCI) identifies measures, and shares best practices in quality and patient safety in more than 90 countries around the world. This is the world’s most prestigious accreditation standard for healthcare quality and clinical quality improvement. It includes 14 chapters, 285 standards and 1,166 measurable elements. Five hundred hospitals, laboratories, and special programs in 53 countries outside the US have earned JCI accreditation.

In order to be accredited, an international healthcare provider must meet the rigorous standards set forth by JCI. Accredited hospitals offer higher quality of care to their patients. Accreditation also provides a competitive advantage in the health care industry and strengthens community confidence in the quality and safety of care, treatment, and services. Overall it improves risk management and risk reduction and helps organize and strengthen patient safety efforts and creates a culture of patient safety. Not only does it enhance recruitment and staff education and development, it also assesses all aspects of management and provides education on good practices to improve business operations.

JCI standards set

JCI standards are comprised of 2 sets related to patient care and hospital management:

Standards related to patient care:

  1. International patient safety goals
  2. Access to care and continuing of care
  3. Assessment of patients
  4. Care of patients
  5. Patient and family rights
  6. Patient and family education
  7. Anesthesia and surgical care
  8. Medication management and use

Standards related to hospital management:

  1. Quality improvement and patient safety
  2. Prevent and control of infections
  3. Facility management and safety
  4. Governance, leadership and direction
  5. Staff qualification and education
  6. Management of information

Vinmec is the only private healthcare system in Vietnam which has two member hospitals achieving JCI accreditation - the world's most prestigious accreditation for a safety hospital: Vinmec Times City and Vinmec Central Park.

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