What is hidden acne? Signs to recognize hidden acne

Cystic acne is a type of acne-like skin lesion that does not appear on the surface of the skin. The telltale sign of hidden acne in acquired cases is just a bump at the site of acne formation under the skin. At the same time, the sufferer also feels the pain but can't see it at all!

1. What is hidden acne? How to recognize hidden acne?

Unlike other types of acne, hidden acne originates from below the surface of the skin. Therefore, while they may not be as noticeable as other forms of acne with a protruding 'head', hidden acne can be extremely sensitive. Uncomfortable pimples like these are usually caused by a cyst or a nodule underneath, so it will feel like a small and painful lump underneath the skin.
Hidden acne are basically cysts that develop due to the accumulation of oil, dirt and bacteria trapped in the pores inside the skin. Therefore, hidden acne also has the same nature as normal acne on the skin but is located below the surface of the skin. Signs of hidden acne can be indirectly through the surrounding skin that feels inflamed, tender and may be red. These cystic acne lesions are really painful and because they are located deep inside the skin, they are even more difficult to treat. They can appear anywhere on the face just like regular pimples. However, if you suffer from a large number of cystic acne, you may be experiencing a more serious condition called cystic acne.

2. How does hidden acne progress?

Unfortunately for anyone with cystic acne, if these nasty lumps remain buried below the surface of the skin, it can take several months for them to completely disappear. However, each person's skin condition often determines the progression of hidden acne. Therefore, if a hidden pimple becomes inflamed, it can move to the surface of the skin on its own and will resolve more quickly.
On the contrary, if the hidden acne continues to lie dormant under the skin, this will only get worse. At this time, cystic acne will be the next stage of hidden acne, which is an infection under the skin that causes inflammation and rarely develops to the surface of the skin. The treatment intervention for this skin problem is quite difficult.
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3. What causes hidden acne?

According to dermatologists, the typical culprits of acne are also the causes of hidden acne. The skin naturally produces an oily substance called sebum. However, when this substance is overproduced or when it comes into contact with bacteria and dirt trapped inside the pores, hidden acne can form as a result.
Therefore, people with thick, oily, very congested skin with large pores that are not cleaned properly will be prone to hidden acne. Besides, people who like to sweat in the gym or enjoy some deep-fried food from time to time, the risk of hidden acne is also higher. As such, implementing a regular skin care routine can help balance oil levels and clear pores, which will help prevent these hidden breakouts.

4. How is hidden acne treated?

To treat hidden acne, a warm compress can help open the pores and bring the acne to the surface quickly. This will help the skin eliminate bacteria quickly and effectively. Another option is to use topical antibiotics to target the bacteria that are the source of the inflammatory response. Finally, if home treatments are unsuccessful and acne persists, a professional should be consulted, including hidden acne remedies such as salicylic acid treatments or prescription medications. antibiotic prescription.
Besides, the fastest way to get rid of hidden acne or cystic acne under the skin is to see a dermatologist for a cortisone injection. These effective injections are delivered directly into the pimple and will help speed up the healing process while improving inflammation. 24-48 hours later, the acne will disappear, while minimizing the possibility of scarring. At the same time, the dermatologist will prescribe more oral medications if the acne persists, such as antibiotics, birth control pills. These drugs will work longer, by killing bacteria and balancing hormones, reducing oil production that causes acne.
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5. How to prevent hidden acne?

When it comes to hidden acne, prevention is the best approach. Incorporating a high-quality cleanser and exfoliator into your skin care routine can work wonders by preventing the accumulation of dirt and excess oil on the skin. This will reduce the chance of dirt or bacteria getting trapped in the pore and developing a hidden pimple. Accordingly, remember to wash your face twice a day and shower after exercising or a hot day. All operations on the skin should always be gentle, choose a cleanser with a smooth finish that is non-comedogenic and alcohol-free. When washing your face, use your fingers instead of your fingernails and wash in a circular motion.
The second step in acne prevention, it's also very simple, you can do it while you sleep using products like SkinCeuticals Blemish and SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5 to exfoliate and speed up the process. cell regeneration. This is the nightly rejuvenation of skin cells and is one of the keys to success in preventing hidden acne.
However, despite following regular cleaning and exfoliating, the patient must not poke the acne. This will cause an additional inflammatory response that makes the acne more prominent on the surface. In addition, this can lead to further spread of bacteria or scarring.
In short, the telltale signs of hidden acne are hard to see with the eye, but also receive a painful swelling below the skin. However, this can be likened to a pus-filled reservoir with bacterial infection. Therefore, people, especially when they have oily skin, need to regularly clean their skin, avoid clogging pores, easily forming hidden acne and then the treatment will be more difficult.
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