Note before going to reproductive health check

The article was consulted with Doctor Bui Duc Hoan - Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vinmec Nha Trang International Hospital.

Reproductive health examination is now considered an important form of screening in improving population quality and family happiness. Some notes when going to the reproductive health examination below will help couples prepare for the best examination, avoiding wasting time.

1. What does reproductive health check include?

According to doctors, couples should have a plan to have a checkup before getting married about 3 - 6 months. Reproductive health examination usually includes:
General physical examination Blood sample: Complete blood cell analysis; Determination of blood group ABO, Rh; Blood biochemistry (Glucose, GOT, GPT, Urea, Creatini, Cholesterol, Triglycerides) Urinalysis Total urinalysis HIV test, HBsAg Gynecological examination, gynecological examination Vaginal discharge test Urethral fluid test Semenogram abdomen Breast ultrasound Testicular ultrasound Sex hormones Gene screening , genetic screening. Examination and test results allow the couple to see their condition best. In case there is a disease requiring treatment, the patient will be advised to receive timely treatment to avoid complications that may affect reproduction.
In addition, if there are other minor illnesses or problems, the doctor will also provide reproductive health advice for women or men to make sure that the problem of the parents does not affect the baby born. out in the future.
Bộ gen người có thể thay đổi không?
Sàng lọc gen di truyền là một trong những phần quan trọng trong khám sức khỏe sinh sản

2. Note when going for reproductive health check

Because the pre-marital health check includes general examination, gynecological examination, and male examination, as well as examination and testing, couples should note:
Bring all kinds of Necessary documents such as: ID card, passport, insurance,... In fact, in hospitals, mornings are often crowded and overloaded, so people who go to the doctor should be prepared. have all the necessary documents to get an early examination, avoiding time-consuming as well as waiting. Blood tests: In fact, some tests do not require fasting. However, most important tests such as blood glucose test, Triglyceride test, cholesterol test, ... all require fasting about 10 hours before the time of blood collection. Ideally, blood samples should be taken in the morning, before eating or drinking. Alternatively, you can drink filtered water. Before an abdominal ultrasound, especially an ultrasound of the appendages and prostate, you will have to drink a lot of water and hold your urine for about 1 hour before doing the ultrasound. Because when the bladder is full, it will create a favorable sound environment for ultrasound waves. For women, examination of urine, stool, and vaginal and cervical smears should be done at least 5 days before the next menstrual period or 5 days after the previous period. Do not go to the doctor while you are in your menstrual cycle, are taking vaginal pills,... Abstain from sex, do not use stimulants, carbonated drinks, and alcohol for both men and women. For comfort and convenience when visiting. Avoid wearing jeans that are too tight, wear one-piece skirts. For patients with diabetes: Do not take medicine or insulin in the morning when you come to the doctor. For patients with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure: it is still used according to daily prescription.
Vợ chồng
Vợ chồng cần kiêng quan hệ tình dục trước khi khám sức khỏe sinh sản

3. Cost of reproductive health examination

When there is an abnormality in reproductive health such as irregular menstruation, no period, no ejaculation, it is necessary to seek medical attention immediately for timely and effective treatment to avoid infertility. Vinmec International General Hospital is a medical facility for full infertility examination and treatment.
Cost is an issue to keep in mind when going to a reproductive health check-up. Many couples wonder when thinking about this issue.
However, the benefits of reproductive health screening for young couples are undeniable. Therefore, currently, Vinmec International General Hospital is currently providing many pre-marital health check-up packages with different fees to suit each audience:
Basic pre-marital examination package Pre-marital examination package Advanced marriage.

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