Diet for people with low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is a much less common condition than high blood pressure, with many different causes. So what should be noted in the diet of low blood pressure people?

1. What is low blood pressure?

Low blood pressure is a much less common condition than high blood pressure, and for some people, low blood pressure doesn't cause any problems, but for many others, abnormally low blood pressure can lead to to loss of concentration, blurred vision, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting, and fainting. In severe cases, blood pressure that is too low can be life-threatening.
If the systolic blood pressure is below 90 mmHg or the diastolic blood pressure is below 60 mmHg, it is considered low blood pressure.

2. What should be noted in the diet of people with low blood pressure?

People with low blood pressure can use certain foods to raise their blood pressure values. Try to refer to some of the following suggestions:
Drink more water: Dehydration reduces the body's circulating volume, which is one of the possible causes of a drop in blood pressure. Remember to drink enough water, especially during and after your workout. Limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages: Alcohol dilates blood vessels, thereby causing a decrease in blood pressure, thus minimizing or avoiding the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Foods rich in vitamin B12: When the body lacks a lot of vitamin B12, it will lead to anemia and cause low blood pressure. Foods rich in vitamin B12 include eggs, fortified cereals with vitamin B12, and beef.
thịt bò tái
Thịt bò là thực phẩm giúp bổ sung vitamin B12 hữu ích cho người bệnh

Folate-rich foods: Too much folate can cause the same condition as vitamin B12 deficiency. Examples of foods high in folate include asparagus, chickpeas, and animal liver. Salt: Foods high in salt have the effect of raising blood pressure. Add salt when preparing food, or use foods high in salt such as canned soup, smoked fish, fresh cheese (cottage cheese),... Licorice tea : Licorice can help increase blood pressure, according to a report in the British Medical Journal. Caffeine: Coffee, tea and other caffeinated beverages can temporarily raise blood pressure because it affects the cardiovascular system and increases heart rate.

To limit or prevent the appearance of symptoms, people with low blood pressure can divide meals into many small meals throughout the day, and at the same time in the food composition should reduce carbohydrates. You should rest after eating.

3. Other notes for people with low blood pressure

People with low blood pressure should see a full doctor, because while some people don't have any problems, in severe cases low blood pressure can be life-threatening. Please visit the doctor and follow the instructions and instructions of the doctor to avoid possible bad situations.
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Articles refer to sources: mayoclinic.org, healthline.com, webmd.com

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